Presenting a special behind-the-scenes, chock-full-o’-extras look of the New York Times best-selling, Eisner and Harvey award-winning, and inexplicably popular first issue of CHEW. Contains the entire first script, as well as penciled and preliminary art, and a detailed look at the entire process of putting the book together. An absolute must-have for anybody who must have this sort of stuff!

art & cover ROB GUILLORY

Price: $3.99
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  1. This should be a treat. 🙂

  2. It would be great if we could get like a few new pages to checkout. I hope that it’s not ONLY behind teh scene stuff.

  3. God bless ’em, but this does strike me as a bit of a money grab. Seems a bit like the sort of thing that would have been nice in the Omnivore Ed. I will give it the benefit of the doubt, and at least flip through it though.

  4. yeah its interesting to take something that is most probably destined to become back matter in collected form and sell it as an issue to the hardcore junkies. 

  5. Is this the best title from Image? Ahead of Invincible and Walking Dead?

  6. @optra08: Yes.

    @JonS: If we were going money grabs there are better way to do it. For instance, don’t include a fold-out cover at no extra price in issue 15 and eat the printing difference as a way to thank the fans. 

    @wally: yes, it will probably appear later in one of the pricey hardcovers, but a lot of people have expressed interest in seeing how different writers approach scripts, so we thought there would be a market for it, in a smaller floppy form.

    Chew 18 at the printer!! 

  7. @ optra08…Yes, IMO.

    @themightylayman…what’s up John?  Keep up the good work!  We should all aspire to become editors so that one day we can make the next step and become full blown writers. Seems to be the trend thesedays.  At one point the script to Chew #1 was on CBR, is it still there?

  8. @themightylayman  — hey, no complaints here.. i’m the guy who’ll be picking up one of those hardcovers! good stuff. Its cool that you took a risk and experimented with the formats. 

    keep up the great work!

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