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The most legendary name in alternative music comes to comics! For decades CBGB was the club that broke acts – like The Ramones, Blondie, Misfits, and the Talking Heads – that changed the world! Now BOOM! Town brings comics’ best talent to tell stories of love, music, heartbreak, confusion and rebellion! The first issue will rock your world with contributions from Kieron Gillen (Phonogram), Rob G (Couriers), Sam Humphries (MySpace Comics), and Marc Ellerby (Love The Way You Love). Featuring a cover from comics’ superstar Jaime Hernandez (Love & Rockets)

Writer: Kieron Gillen, Sam Humphries
Artist: Marc Ellerby, Rob G
Cover: Jaime Hernandez

Price: $3.99
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  1. Not so sure about this…. I like all the people involved but I’ve really grow to have a love/hate feeling towards CBGB’S. It just seems, to me, that Hilly Kristal sold out sooo much of the credibility and spirit that made the club so special in the last 10 to 15yrs of its existence. Instead of letting it die it became a fashion statement for 12yr olds.

  2. I hope to see some Television, Talking Heads and Patti Smith comics. and some stories focusing on country/folk origins of the club. And not just 50 Ramones/Blondie/Misfits comics.

  3. The club never really had any country/folk roots. Kristal started it to showcase ‘country, bluegrass, and blues’ but no one wanted that so he started booking proto punk bands almost exclusively less than a year after the club opened. I would actually be dissapointed if much time was spent on country since tom Verlaine and Patti Smiht built that club and its popularity. I mean Verlaine and Hell literally built the stage in CB’s. Plus the Talking Heads suck.

  4. I known the history behind the club. and a club that opens as a country/folk club has country/folk roots, period. I would be disappointed if there was not one story focusing on the country/folk origin of the club, thats it. About the Talking Heads opinions are like assholes, everyone has one and almost all of them smell like shit. 

  5. cant see anything wrong with 50 ramones/misfits comics that would be awsome

  6. Name me one country/folk band you are aware of that played at CBGB. 

  7. @USPUNX: Alan Jackson.

  8. @conor: Okay that’s very clever but considering we are talking about the roots of the club I was talking about a country band that played there in the same century it was opened.

  9. I talked to Kieron Gillen and Marc Ellerby about this a while back, and they were both very enthusiastic and well-versed in the club’s history. More here:

  10. 3 times i came from western Canada to catch gigs at CBGB and it was a magnificent punk shit hole. That for a lot of folks -it was ground zero for great things. The Kntting Factory comes close to having that cultural value today but not having that big ole slice of amercana. I look foward to a sequential telling of that history.

  11. @johnnynormal: Agreed, can’t wait for this series. The cool thing about CBGB was that while every city has it’s great punk club, CBGB’s was the country’s great punk club. 

  12. I told my comic shop to order this, but all the regular employees are in San Diego this week, so I’m worried my copy won’t be held.

  13. @USPUNX: You asked for one country band (act) that played at CBGB. You didn’t put conditions or qualifications on it.

  14. @conor: I guess considering the discussion that was ongoing I thought it seemed pretty obvious but apparently not. That said, can you name one that played there in the early 70’s? Because that’s what we’re talking about. And that is also what the comic seems to be about.

  15. @USPUNX: All i was saying is that there should be at least one story focusing on the country/folk origins of the club.

  16. OI OI OI! Im geeked! I feel like there arent any punk clubs anymore. And shows you go to now are too regulated.

  17. this was a good read but the first story felt like a kids history lesson

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