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  1. shame this book is getting canceled, it’s been really great for a long time.

  2. I agree–were sales to blame or is DC changing direction with Catwoman? I thought the storylines were great and a stable writer/artist team kept the quality high.

  3. Ahhh this is getting canceled…I just started greading it.

  4. I am pretty upset that is getting canned.  This was the longest single run of a DC comic that I had been buying.  I also find it infuriating that DC is launching a comic for Batgirl and canceling this book when Selina Kyle is infinitely more interesting that Cassandra Cain.  Well I guess if you do not have bat or super in your title, you are always on the chopping block at DC.

  5. I’m also bummed that this book is ending.  In the meantime, guess I’ll enjoy the last 4 issues.

  6. The sales on this book weren’t abysmal by any standards.  They weren’t stellar, but I can’t see that that is the reason for the cancellation.

    Pure speculation warning…but I wonder if the tone of this book doesn’t jive with the post-R.I.P. status quo, and that’s the reason it is ending.

  7. Catwoman is getting canned?!?!?! My day is now ruined, I must now go and sulk at work 🙁

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