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The true identity of megasuperdupervillain NEWMAN XENO is now known to Casanova Quinn and E.M.P.I.R.E. – which means our man Casanova is now a pan-dimensional killer with one target hiding in an infinitely complex sprawl of realities. But what if something happened?



PRE-ORDER THIS BOOK! If your retailer can’t read your mind, you can’t read CASANOVA! And why would you want THAT? IT WOULD BE AWFUL.

Story by Matt Fraction
Art by Gabriel Ba
Colors by Cris Peter
Letters by Dustin K. Harbin
Cover by Gabriel Ba

Price: $4.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 1.7%
Avg Rating: 4.1
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  1. I love Ba’s art and that cover is fantastic. Although each issue usually takes me a few readthroughs to understand what the fuck happened

  2. First issue wasn’t as good as the previous two Casanova series, but it was still good enough for me to keep buying it. $5 is asking a lot, but it’s just barely worth it, imo, to read this now in issues rather than waiting for the collected edition.

    • The first issue took care of any concerns I had over paying $5 — top notch paper, coloring and production design, 32 unbroken storypages, with 8 pages of letters and backmatter. And I enjoyed the story and art!

      Packages like this (and Criminal and The Red Wing) are trade-killers in my book.

      I know the Icon books get to set their own profit margins, but if books like those mentioned above can deliver such a high quality product without ads, why can’t Marvel produce (across the entire publishing line) more than 20 pages of story — with ads — for less than $3.99?

    • Agreed @KenOchalek on being worth it. This is the only book in a long time I’ve re-read multiple times in the course of a month, both for the nuances & mysteries of the writing & for the great artwork.

      That scene with Sasa telling Cass the thing about his dad in the sex-tree-hologram-room, that was the most adult & poignant thing I’ve read in comics (issue-format) in a long, long time. Made the whole thing worth it. Plus, y’know, all the other stuff.

    • Casanova series 1: $1.99 an issue. Casanova series 3: $4.99 an issue.

      Way to lose touch with your core readers Fraction.

    • @Twig. Really?! Your own facts fail to support your conclusion.

      Volumes 1 and 2 were $1.99 for 16 story pages, in monochrome color, plus some back matter – I discovered these volumes in trade, so I can’t speak to paper quality.

      Volume 3 is $4.99 for 32 full color story pages on top notch paper (for comics) and 8 pages of back matter.

      The pricing comparison isn’t too far out of whack, especially when you realize that (according to the back matter in this issue) Casanova has *just now* become profitable for Fraction and the team. Assuming that’s true, no one (except maybe Image) was making money on Casanova when it was $1.99.

    • @Ken When Casanova and Fell launched, they were all about the format. It was a format with an ideology – an attempt to make comics cheap, disposable and fun again. To bring in a new kind of reader.

      3 or 4 years later the title returns as the most expensive book on the shelf. And I’m sure it’s great (I’ll prob pick it up in trade). But if the $1.99 format did win over any new readers, it’s probably lost them again.

    • @Twig Fair enough. I guess my counter would be that, clearly the slimline format didn’t take off in a major way (Were there any other slimline books outside of Casanova and Fell?) and the fact that the market is in a different place than it was in 2006.

      While I’d certainly prefer my comics to be less expensive, I think that high-value ethos that Casanova started with is still there, just in a different form. Because if you think about it, 32 story pages with 8 pages of back matter in full color with no ads for $4.99 is about as unique as the slimline format was at it’s time. Hell – some of the current Marvel books are only a few pages away from being slimline books without back matter and WITH ads – for $3.99!

    • @TwigTheWonderkid Dude, if you’d read this new arc so far – there is NO WAY they’re trying to pull in new readers at this point. Not with a storyline as convoluted as this. This is a passion project aimed at people who are committed & along for the ride – which is really kind of what it’s always been. And @KenOchalek’s math is right. (It’s also being hand-lettered BTW.) There’s no selling out the fans here. Just add 10 pages of (non-reprint) color art to any mainstream Marvel book & see what kind of price tag you’re gonna be looking at.

  3. This is expensive but worth it.

  4. Man, you gotta work for this. And strangely, that has become the appeal…

  5. best comic ever? Probably.

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