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Strange, sweaty, naked things are afoot deep in the jungle metropolis of


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  1. The first issue was a clusterfuck of awesome

  2. Couldn’t agree more.

  3. AGREED!!!!!!!!

  4. Loved the first issue.

  5. DCBS order containing the first issue arrives on Thursday. Aaaargh!

  6. @nawid How did you pull that off? My shipment doesn’t come out till next week.

  7. You’re all luckier than me.  I don’t get to my shop for at least another 3 weeks and haven’t been since June.

  8. tradewaiting on this one, but man is it tempting to pick up the single issues

  9. Really wouldn’t have needed the recoloring. It looked great before, and more unique. But if it helps sales, I am all for it. Deserves wider recognition.

  10. @Bendrix: Fraction said he always wanted to do this in color but couldn’t afford it the first time around.

  11. George Lucas preferred things a lot of ways…sometimes constraints save us. I preferred the old coloring job honestly, but I’ll be picking up both volumes in trade anyway, just to have vol. 2 match vol. 1. 

  12. @USPUNX What OttoBott said. And I think Ba, the artist, didn’t want color.

  13. I enjoy the complicated storyline.  Looking forward to the ride!

  14. @skydog The story is always good for a few re-reads.

  15. @Bendrix Agreed.  Reminds me of existence 2.0 and 3.0 where i gotta read it a couple of times to wrap my brain around it. 

  16. So far, so fun. Reminds me of Luther Arkwright in all the right ways.

  17. The art in this book is so good, and I love stories like this one where it’s hard to follow at first but once you get it you instantly want to read it again to catch what you missed the first time.  Fantastic.

  18. Read the first issue, fantastic!

    Buying the second on Sunday!

  19. @bendrix & ottobot: Honestly I think that is a pretty stupid argument. Star Wars is the one fan boy go to for not touching something after its release, but the truth is many films have been improved by directors cuts releases. Case in point; Blade Runner and the Abyss. Both of those are pretty avoidable films in their theatrical release but are classics thanks to the director’s cut versions. So citing SW as an example of never touching a released work is actually pretty stupid. I mean seriously, move on. Lucas made a mistake but it doesn’t tarnish all re-released work, it just doesn’t.

  20. @USPUNX It would be a stupid argument against ever touching a released work. But nobody neither me nor OttoBot said anything to that regard. What he said and I agreed on is that what a creator intended first time around is not always the best thing. SW is weaker because of the changes, Aliens is weaker in the directors cut and at least I prefered Casanova in monochromatic colour. 

    The funny thing is, Fraction told in an interview he just thought the production costs would be cheaper this way, but he ended up paying the same. 

    Mind you, I don’t hate it in colour. It’s still a great book everyone should read and it looks terrific. And now that I can have both it’s the best thing out of all, but if I had to choose, I’d go with the first edition. 

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