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  1. I wish this comic was a girl so I could ask her out.

  2. @kimbo I know what you mean.

  3. God, this series is like candy and sex combined.

    Sticky, sweet, short, and satisfying.

  4. I thought this was pretty great. After you read this check back on issue 9. There’s a pretty big hint about the ending on the first page. I completely disregarded it when I first read it, but looking back it’s pretty hilarious. Thought the bit with cass and kubark at the end was pretty awesome. I wasn’t buying Cass’s return until that moment, then everything really clicked for me.

  5. Also, looking back at Zephyr and Suki…interesting. But looking back at Zephyr and Dr. Toppogrosso…weirder in retrospect.

  6. That could have been the best single issue i’ve ever read.

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