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  1. EEEEEEeeeee!! *claps hands and squeals like a little girl*

    I’m sorry I just…Er…*coughs*…well…I’m sorry.

  2. Aw yeah, sexy Captain Britain getting his groove on with Meggan. So hot.

    This has been an excellent second story arc and it’s become one of my favourite books. Can’t wait!

  3. There’s a chunk of hair missing.

  4. should be a fun romp this time around.  Loving this book

  5. This is definitely one of Marvel’s top books right now (neck and neck with Guardians of the Galaxy in my opinion). PLEASE. Drop one Avenger/X-Book and check this out if you’re not already.

  6. Yessssss…more polymorphic-elf-eared-blonds please!

  7. This is a fun, great read.  One of my favorite books right now.

  8. Are there any trades out yet? i really would like to try out the series.

  9. @Win-Marvel’s website has the first trade coming out Feb. 18th.  Usually they have the trades out pretty quickly, so I’m not sure why this one is taking so long.

  10. @Win – The first arch involved Secret Invasion but still absolutely worth buying.

  11. The first trade’s already out with the first four issues covering the Skrull invasion. Well, it is here in the UK anyway.

  12. Awesome book. Probably my favorite Marvel puts out right now. But those sales are starting to get scary.

  13. @shogunt I think there’s enough positive buzz to keep it going, sure it’s not doing the numbers during SI but it’s still doing good, really good for a book with these characters in fact

  14. whats up with that ending. the only place blade wont look for him

  15. There seemed to be a new vibrancy to the colours in this issue.  It looked really great.

  16. Multiply artist on this book sort of put me off at times.  Nothing wrong with Mike Collins stuff, but I’ve grown to love Kirk’s stuff.  Wisdom solidified himself as a badass in my book.  Great ending and looks like the next arc will be totally kick ass.

    Feel bad about Cap Midlands though, even if he did punk out 

  17. @cyberauron That’s no moon. Oh wait, no that is the moon, damn.

  18. OMG I can’t wait for the next story arc. I remember reading the Marvel D*****a comics back in the seventies so this should be good!



  19. I have developed such a crush on Pete Wisdom.

  20. A really excellent issue. Quite downbeat at the end, despite technically being a good result.

    But great fun to read and this team are shaping up well.

  21. As much as I like this book, this issue didn’t quite do it for me. I can’t put my finger on what it is, though…

  22. I’ve heard a couple of people say that they felt a little down with the ending – purely because for all the good fight there was the implication of so much more bad stuff happening to come. But I personally felt that was what was so damn strong about it.

    This issues set up at least three new plots for the book. I can’t wait to see how those pan out. But I can’t really flaw it as an issue. Great stuff.

  23. In a surprising turn my shop was sold-out of Captain Britain this week. I was quite shocked. I never expected that to happen. Guess I’ll be getting it this coming Wednesday.

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