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  1. Last issue was just mental. I mean, vampire missiles!! Cornell has come up with this great high concept idea of the Mi13 versus Dracula, seemingly from out of nowhere, and there’s not much else on the shelves that is as purely entertaining as this book.

  2. I’m back on Cap’n B with this issue!  Issue 10 was, …er, off the hook? 

  3. I’m lovin’ Captain Britain, great Marvel U team book.

  4. again for this arc cornell sold me on his ifanboy interview. Dracula the greatest general that ever lived vs pete wisdom a guy making it up as he goes along

  5. How do you top vampire missles?  No clue, but can’t wait to find out

  6. My trade with issues 1-4 arrives tomorrow.

    I picked up issues 5-10 when the iFanboy signal went up for this book.

    I dig on the supernatural Marvel stuff, so this is a book for me.

  7. this is just one of the best marvel books out right now

  8. An early review on CBR says this issue reminds them of "Grant Morrison’s “JLA” and Warren Ellis’s “The Authority". That sound’s like a book chalk full of awesome to me.

  9. Excited for this book. Last issue impress me. But I’m also a slavish Cornell fan!

  10. Having seen the five page preview over at Comics Bulletin I could not be more psyched about this. #10 was great. But I know that some folks felt there wasn’t enough action. In those preview pages alone they’ll be getting what they want.

    This book has been consistently one of Marvel’s best on offer. I’m glad that a few more people seem to be taking the gamble to find that out for themselves.

  11. I was reading in the trade that Cornell wants to get his hands on a Defenders ongoing.

    I hope they give it to him.

    If Avengers Initiative can sell books, a strong Defenders line-up with a good writer should be able to survive.

  12. He mentioned that in a podcast he did a while back. He’s also said he’d love to do a Shang-Chi series, but acknowledges that there really isn’t likely to be a market for either right now.

    This issue looks GOOD.

  13. HA! 100% POTW on iFanboy. Suck it Battle for the Cowl!

  14. Forget Pick of the Week. This is without any doubt whatsoever the best single issue book I’ve read of 2009 so far. By a country mile.

    Cornell said a while back that he wanted to establish this book as ‘The Supernatural Espionage book’. Well he’s certainly done it this issue. This is intense. I can’t belive that so few people have listed it as their pick so far. You’d have to be an idiot not to be picking this book up.


  16. This is my POW.  One of the best comics period!

  17. I’m hope this book gets to go on for a while. There’s so much potential for great stories and great character stuff. This is the most promising team book I can think of.

  18. Just.  Freaking.  Awesome. 

  19. Damn guys, you really loved this book 😛  I enjoyed the hell out of this, but not my POTW.  That part when they were falling was probably one of the craziest(in a good way!) things I have read in a comic all year. 

  20. MAn the decleration of war was perfect. How formal of him. Genius

  21. so it wasnt a fluke.  guess im down for this book (though i wish there wasnt that fill in art, cuz kirk was on fire with this book!)

  22. The best part of the book was the meeting between MI-5, MI-6, and MI-13.

  23. @Coltrane68. I agree. I love it how Cornell has incorporated MI13 into a model based on the real British Intelligence services.  It worked well in his Wisdom series, and it works equally well here.

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