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  1. Awesome first comment. Should i pick this up? Not sure. Can someone tell me?

  2. the first one was pretty cool.  I could not get through the 2nd but they are different stories with a different crew.  I would maybe flip through them at the shop. If you seem interested pick it up if not throw it back and wait for the next one.  I was kinda turned off by the art in the last one but this one looks like it could be cool..  Cap Fighting Nazi’s is always good and MYTHOS was good. 

    I just wish this book was not 5 bucks..  it makes me more critical of it…  for 2.99 you can have a crap issue for 4.99 the book better be sick.. even if there are more pages then a normal issue.

    hope this helps


  3. this is SO good. it fills up my need for Steve Rogers captain america. I love it but not the price but with the jacked up price the story is usually good so its fine by me

  4. i have only read the first half of this comic, and i have no reason to read the second half. the reason why is because of 3 things, 1 im in the navy, 2 i was born and raised in Pasadena Tx and 3 im currently serving over seas. the first half of this book hit home on so many levels i think its the first time ive almost been brought to tears by a comic. it is a phenominal read. 

  5. Jenkins surprised/impressed me with this story, but Eskrine made Steve look constantly constipated.

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