• Zola’s master plan revealed!

• Ian’s fate decided!

• Captain Zola’s quest for lies and injustice!

Story by Rick Remender
Art by John Romita Jr. & Klaus Janson
Colors by Dean White
Cover by John Romita Jr.

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 4.1
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  1. By subscription.

    Probably read these at the end of the first year.

  2. so close to dropping this

    • Same here, I want him to get back to the real world and take back up with Green Skull, I was looking forward to seeing a new villain as opposed to just going back to Zola. Also, what are the odds that Ian comes back and becomes bucky.

  3. I’m still surprised how much I’ve enjoyed this. I could never get into Brubaker’s Cap, and have never been that attached to the character. Shit, I don’t even like John Romita all that much and I think he’s been doing a pretty awesome job.

    • I enjoy this as well, but I also am ready to get out of Zolatown. I can’t believe we have to wait until September for that…

    • I agree… as much as i WANT to like Captain America, really couldn’t get into the Brubaker stories. Remender’s sic-fi take on Cap, is definitely a lot more interesting and hooks me to want to read the next issue every time. Never was a fan of the Romita art, but it goes really well with the storyline for some reason. Thumbs up IMHO.

  4. Absolutely loved this! The conflict within Jet, Cap’s fight to keep going, and then… damn you, Zola! Leave Ian alone!

  5. I’m digging this book, can see how it ain’t for everyone. I’ve never been a “Cap guy” before but this is so out there it’s right up my street. Remender is throwing everything at this and JRJR, Janson and White are a beast of a team making this a reality. Old Skool anything goes stories with a solid team that (so far) don’t need fill in helpers

    • I’ve never been a Cap guy either so I think the reason I like this so much is because it’s so unlike the usual CA storylines. Very bold choice to take the series in this direction.

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