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The Trial of Captain America continues its roller-coaster ride! With Bucky’s trial distracting our heroes, the new Red Skull plots a terror attack at the heart of America!

Story by Ed Brubaker
Art by Butch Guice
Cover by Marko Djurdjevic

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  1. And once again I find myself at a crossroads with this book. If this one doesn’t impress, I’m out. Again.

  2. I can barely remember what happened last time. I’m sure it will come back when I start reading though.

  3. ^Damn, I drop books once I get to the point you guys seem to be at with Cap.

    I dropped this a while ago and haven’t looked back since.

    That’s a DAMN AWESOME COVER, though. I only came in here to say that. DAMN awesome.

  4. And we start yet another Nomad back-up, arrrrggghh!!  I really don’t mind back-ups when they’re good, but the Nomad stuff is awful.  Can’t we get some Falcon stories or something instead?

  5. That cover . . . insanely cool.

  6. Your all crazy, this book is still great. They just need a steady artist and colorist.

  7. I’m forced to agree with mikeandzod21. I’m still totally into this series, though I really wish they could’ve kept Epting, Acuna or Ross.

    I didn’t love the very first Nomad backup story, but they’ve been getting consistantly better and better. Personally, I can’t wait for her to actually play a part in the main book.

  8. The Nomad back-ups are the reason Ii keep buying the book. I miss Young Allies, dammit.

  9. steady colorist, for sure.  and that’s colorist’s name should be Frank D’Armata

  10. I got a bit bogged down with the “Two America’s” arc. But this has been bearable at least. I like epic character defining arcs. Plus, Sin as the new, skorned red skull is such a brubaker move. He’s currently marvel’s best writer. (IMO)

  11. @djd agreed. This issue was my favorite since the trial arc began. And i love the mystery surrounding faustus’ motives!

  12. only as far as the staple, and I am loving the story.

    BUT, six inkers.  all of them fabulous artists, most existing in the Marvel pantheon of greats.  but it is just not working well with the constant art change. 

  13. BUT, goddamn is that a last page

  14. Another decent issue. I love the story in the Nomad Backup, but I hate the art.

  15. I picked this up for the first time in a really long time, probably since the Namor storyline.  Now I remember why I dropped it originally, 2/5 for me

  16. Was that Bucky acting on the suggestion of Dr. Faustus or by his own volition, cus don’t think he would disrespect the system like that and becoming a fugitive after already turning himself in, and after knowing Steve was already on the case. Guess he figures saving the Statue of Liberty from being blown up and saving his friends will probably earn him a pardon, and looks like it works out, but couldn’t help to think maybe Bucky’s actions were all Faustus’ doing. I mean he did take part in the Winter Soldier’s programming, right?

  17. Hi, On a wider topic than just this issue of Captain America…..

    I recently came back to comics and (after buying and reading “Marvels”) bought the Captain America Omnibus that collects issues 1 to 25 of Brubakers tenure.  I`ve now seen “Project Marvel” on Amazon and was wondering if it is a collection of the WWII elements of the book I`ve already got, OR, whether it`s fresh material from Brubaker.   I was thinking about getting it BEFORE the next Omnibus and thus having a better grounding going forward. 

    Could someone here give me some advice, please?

  18. Check out the review of this issue on Critic Hammer 

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