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  1. I guess I’ll try jumping on here, even though most of the stuff will be over my head having only read the first omnibus.

  2. I’m reading Captain America in trades so it will be a while before I get here hehe.

  3. 600 is just such a pretty number…

  4. I’m bummed they are bringing Steve back so soon. bucky hasn’t ‘blossumed’ in my opnion.

  5. Like all other issues, going with the Epting regular cover.

  6. Maybe he’ll be brought back as an infant? then Bucky can wear the mask for another 70 years as Baby Steve SLOWLY grows up. (If ever) If so, would his mental abilities age at the same rate as his baby super-soldier body? He could be wearing diapers for decades!  

  7. Disappointed for this – a title I used to love. Oh well… what are we to do.

  8. How many people were able to actually snag this on Monday? I called my store and they said they were just getting it in on Wednesday with the other books since it cost extra to get it on Monday.

  9. I love cap, but re-reading the issues since ‘death of’, i really SHOULD drop this. I just cant. I dont enjoy it like i used to. But i cant bring myself to do it. I really hope it picks back up soon.

  10. Very torn about this. Steve Rogers may be my favorite character in all of comics, but I think this is way too early. I guess I’ll reserve judgment until I read the book, though.

  11. same^^

  12. I didn’t even bother asking my shop owner if he tried to get this today.  Already heard the news so I’m looking forward to the little surprises this issue is sure to give.

  13. Why doesnt anyone stay dead……..Just once, maybe?

  14. Gwen.  -knocks on wood-

  15. and Uncle Ben *also knocks*

  16. This didn’t really give any hints as to how they’re gonna bring Steve back (none that I picked up on anyway) , but at 100 pages I thought it was worth 5 bucks. It kept me occupied for a while.

  17. Is this also issue #51 or is that coming out too?

  18. …i guess i didn’t know it was already out. Hope my LCS held it in my pull bin =/

  19. @Reform – #600 = #51. Cap’s gone back to his original numbering.

  20. Thor 600 had a cover gallery in the back and it included the first 82 issues of Journey Into Mystery.  Does this issue also have one and does it include the first 99 issues of Tales of Suspense?  Because it should.

  21. This booked rocked. I wish there were more 104 page comics for $5.

  22. @birdseysview, yes it does have the covers including Tales of Suspense.

  23. So it really worries me that the Captain America books stop once Reborn #1 comes out. I’m a big fan of Bucky as Captain America. If your going to bring back Steve, then let him be the head of SHIELD or HAMMER or whatever they will be calling it, let him run it as Steve Rogers and not Captain America.

  24. @RoiVampire Actually Uncle Ben came back to life (of sorts) in a little remembered, hastily forgotten story Peter David did in Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man a few years back. 😉

  25. The best part of the book is the story with the New Avengers talking about going to Cap’s memorial/Bernie Rosenthal story. This part has some great flashbacks that kept the story moving along without jarring the pace. Overall great book and a good prelude to the Reborn series.

  26. Not sure it the scene with Bucky and the Avengers training made me happy or sad.  Those scenes were always my favorite in the old issues of Cap I read as a kid.

  27. This was a pretty good issue.  Not great, but good. 

  28. Bought this today. I like it. 

  29. Damn, only 1.4% of you guys are making this your POTW?! Maybe it’s finally okay NOT to heap tons of praise on every single issue of Brubaker’s Cap. I didn’t read this. I dropped the series last month. That said, of course I’m debating whether to pick up the storyarc following this one…because of all that’s happening. I’ll wait and look at the reviews of it. It seems like people’s opinions of Bru’s Cap are slowly falling back down to reality, so maybe the reviews will be useful to me.

  30. @prax yeah but that was ben from another reality, not our ben

  31. @flapjaxx Perhaps people just like the book?

    This was good. Not stellar. In all honesty the gimmick of the three stories seemed forced, perhaps even unnecessary. Mark Waid’s story was fun, but ultimately unecessary, Stern’s story was really interesting… if you had read the title while he was writing it and Brubaker’s was a little limp, truth told. I was also a little disappointed that we had reprinted material in the book. Good as that Ross/Dini thing was, I can’t see why we had yet another version of events when we’ve already had, in the span of 3 months, two other books with recaps of Steve Roger’s origin. It’s a bit much. Alas. This still got a 5/5 from me for stellar art on the Brubaker section and a good overall story, even if some of it came off as uneven. 

  32. @flapjaxx-You’re always so negative.  Lighten up.

  33. I’m not really sure what to say. Steve Rogers is my favorite comic book character of all-time, and although I felt this could’ve been done a little better, it was a great  tribute. 5/5.

  34. The funny thing for me was how I heard there was going to be a big reveal…musta missed it.  Steve is comng back!  What a shock!  Next thing you know, Bruce Wayne will be back to life too.

    I love Sharon and the Falcon, but otherwise this issue was a big piece of filler.

    I do hope we see more of Buckina.

  35. haha this was just a bunch of filler stories for 4.99   way to go marvel all hype no substance

  36. Wow, yet another re-telling of Cap’s origin? Only a month after Marcos Martin’s brilliant re-telling in #50? At least it only took up 2 pages here. As much as I liked parts of this book, it felt like a bunch of filler thrown together as an excuse to charge $5. I wish there had been more from the Brubaker story, even though I’m not ready to see Steve come back yet.

  37. Gutted!!! I was loving The Buckster kicking ass as The Cap. This is what makes comics a hard sell to non-believers. Rogers dies and all my mates want to talk about it now he’s coming back so soon they are laughing in my geek face

  38. How many times are they going to retell the origin of cap? FFS

    I’m about ready to drop this. So sick and tired of paying for the same story over and over again. 

  39. I was never interested in Captain America, but the "Death Of" appeared in my box (both covers!) because I was reading everything Civil War, and got hooked on the series.  I love Bucky as Cap.  Thought the whole run 25-50 was great.  I’m getting #600, but probably dropping shortly after.  I may check out "Reborn" from the library, but I’m done plunking money down… I think.

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