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  1. I’m crazy excited for this book again.  Can’t wait

  2. 2 issues left and I start getting really excited for the Omnibus vol.2!

  3. Great book. Love the month to month read.

  4. Hmmm… On one hand, I’ve been unimpressed by the storyline of late, on the other hand, I love Bucky Cap!

  5. MonsterMan in Trenchcoat + Evil Chinese Scientist = AWESOME!

    Throw in that Human Torch virus and Namor waiting in the wings to kick someone’s butt, well, I’m sold!

  6. This has been really good lately (last issue was POTW for me), and I’m always up for a good Captain America story, especially if it involves Namor.

  7. Just saw the solicits for June.  Seems Cap has joined the line of books that is taking on the original numbering and will start up with issue #600.  I think Hulk is the other book that is going to the original numbering soon.

  8. I’m really happy with this book.  I think ed is killing it with the story. 

  9. @Drake – Ah man I hate that original numbering stuff, that’s what separate volumes are for. Hopefully this doesn’t affect future readers, when they try and go back and read in trades, etc. Thanks for the info, though.

  10. A good issue, but the difference in art seemed more noticeable when both Guice and Epting are in the same book. I really have to say the story probably could’ve been just as good as a two parter and upped the pacing a bit. Still, "weak" Captain America is still some of the best Super Hero comics out there.

  11. Loved it.  Great ending.  That last shot of Cap was a bit off though.  Wierd angle or something.  But damn entertaining.  I’m just crazy excited that this arc has got me hooked again.

  12. I’ve been really enjoying this book! Great ending, solid story arc all around.

  13. A great end to a great story. This book had everything that it needed to have. Namor being a badass, Natasha rescuing Bucky, Bucky saving the day, Namor killing a man, a proper burial for Jim Hammond, and a little bit of emotion regarding the legacy of Captain America that we’ve come to expect out of this book.

    As a criticism I will say that this book seemed like it went by a little fast, but that could’ve just been because it’s the end of the story arc. Not necessarily a bad thing either way, I was just hoping for something a little meatier.

    5/5 was my rating for this one, it’s a very strong POTW contender right now. Great work by Brubaker and everyone else involved.



  14. I thought this was good, but I was slightly disappointed that Brubaker didn’t use this as an excuse to bring back the original human torch. I know Ed Brubaker can’t just resurrect or kill anybody he wishes, and maybe he’s tried of that being his thing, and maybe we’ve got enough characters brought back from the fifites and coming to grips with the modern marvel u (Chris Weston claims he’s back to work on the twelve!), and I know that Ed Brubaker will be writing the Human Torch in his upcoming Operation: Marvels series, but I still really really wanted him back, already.

    Brubaker said it the best in a recent Newsarama article: "Some guy in Brooklyn invented a robot man who was on fire."  That’s the kind of thing I’m all about.

  15. I enjoyed this, but I liked the storyline more when it was done in Iron Man last year. 🙂


  16. I was on the cusp of dropping this. The story has been loosing me for the last few months. This issue totally has me hooked again. It reminded me of every reason the Bucky as Cap is so intriguing. I hope Steve doesn’t come back for a long long time.

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