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• Patrick Zircher joins Ed Brubaker for “Shock To The System”

• Ex super-villains in Witness Protection murdered!

• The return of an old villain and an old lover!

• Can Cap solve this mystery before he himself becomes a target?

Story by Ed Brubaker
Art by Patrick Zircher
Colors by Paul Mounts
Letters by Joe Caramagna
Cover by Patrick Zircher & Matt Hollingsworth

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 3.7
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  1. Really looking forward to this arc.

    This has been a fun title, and Patch is a good artist.

    The one subscription title I read as soon as it arrives.

    • This is the first book I read when it comes in. Brubaker is giving us the Captain America I wanna read about.

    • Yes, but for how long is Brubaker going to continue on this title? It’s not looking like he’ll be on through the end of the year according to the latest Marvel solicits.

    • I’m believing this is the year all of the Marvel Architects will move on to new titles.

      I’ll bet Bru is off new Cap and/or Capt. Amer. & Friend by year’s end, and Cullen Bunn takes over one or both.

  2. $100 scorge is constrictor

  3. Brubaker gone, I’m gone. I’ve been wavering on this series as of late anyway. His best stuff is by far his independent books.

  4. I was a little iffy with the last issue since the last arc, even with Alan Davis, just didn’t work for me. But this issue? There’s action, adventure, and Dum Dum Dugan! This is the kind of Cap story I enjoy.

  5. Just read this issue today and I loved it! The art is great and I feel that is will end up being one of the stronger story arcs. The last two issues remind me of when Brubaker first took on Cap all those years ago. If this was the first arc, this book would be stronger, Bravo could have been behind this mystery and then introduced in the next arc.

  6. Good so far

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