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  1. This is it for me. If this issue sucks I’m out. This entire series has been MEH….

  2. I’ve been indifferent to the first arc, and I was considering dropping it — but Summers family angst is always good in my book, and this issue should give an indication of the future direction of the book.

  3. They really need to start revealing some details about this kid. Who his parents are, etc. This book is in serious danger of being dropped.

  4. I wil bet none of the details ge reveiled in this series but in Uncanny or Legacy.

  5. i’m gonna give Duane the benefit of the doubt with this book, and i can admit that the first five issues were bad but this issue is a big step up and i’m hoping that the series picks ups steam but this time travel crap is starting to get on my nerves

  6. It’s been what, 9+ months since Messiah Complex? And this entire time, we’ve been strung along with a minimum of things to drag us along from issue to issue. Look, JQ & Co. may be hard up for money, but we’re going to need more than crumbs… (no, scratch that, I’m being generous)… more than the scent of beef stew in the form of a red-headed child/mystery item in a box.

    Step it up ’cause I’m stepping out.

  7. NOTHING HAPPENS in this book. GAR.

  8. i thought that this was the best issue yet.  i know thats not saying much.  but i thought it did expliane why cyclops has been acting so weird in the other books. 


  9. My fiance bought this for me when she purchased all the books in my file and it was in there by accident.

    Ugh, the art in this is awful and the story looks like it hasn’t progressed one bit since the last time I read this book (issue #2).  Just thumbing through it, it looks horrible.  At one point Cable carries the baby by cramming her under his belt.

    I’m on my way back to the store to return it and get my money back so I can buy something better.

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