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  1. I’m pretty sure that this entire arc so far could ave been done in one issue… maybe two.  I hope there is some kind of pay-off here.

  2. This has just been a disaster of a series so far. It’s ruined one good character in Bishop. It’s ended Cable/Deadpool, one of my favorite books.  The art isn’t impressive and doesnt’ fit the tone of the series. It’s just not working on any level right now.

  3. @shogunt  Word.  And yet, I’m still buying it. . .

    The ironic thing is that Swierczynski seems to be a really funny guy and could probably pull off a Cable book with more of a comic angle.  I think they still could have spun it out of Messiah Complex and kept some of the light/absurd tone of the original series.  I don’t know how this is selling but I can’t imagine it appealing much to anyone.

  4. Umm, by ‘original’ series, I mean previous, I mean ‘Cable & Deadpool.’  Which I still think could have gone somewhere if they hadn’t ruined the original premise right after the Civil War tie-in got it more exposure.  Ahh, well.

  5. Here’s to hoping the art changes soon. The story isn’t so bad, but I am just really not into the art.

  6. @shogunt– I actually like this guys art style quite a bit but I hear ya about not fitting the book’s tone.  For that matter, what the hell is the tone of this series anyway? 

  7. i like this book so far but, it is still messiah complex with cable on the run from bishop! i have hopes that through this stoy line we will get some answers to things that still remain clear!

  8. @sscurfew: yes, it is still Cable on the run from Bishop…. for 5 months now and nothing else has really happened.  I’m still buying this for some reason, but I feel that there should have been at least a little pay off to this first arc.  And no, phoenix eyes do not count (too easy to be true).

  9. @DocHess  Hahaha, yeah, I just had virtually the same conversation about the Phoenix eyes and whether they make the book worth sticking with.  I think I’m going to give the next arc another issue, and see if Domino or Deadpool shows up, or something. 

  10. Don’t mean to counter everyone, but I LOVE this book. I like the character art, slightly wrench at the backgrounds and have been really enjoying the Badass/Baby dynamic.  I can’t wait for this book every month. The opinions here are pretty much the same on other forums, and that is a shame because this book probably won’t last very long, but I hope it gets to develop more..

  11. this book is hard for me because cable and bishop were my favorite chars.  but bishop has become completly evil and i dont feel like the story is going anywere.  someone let me know if something starts to happen.  anything, i would love to pick it back up.

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