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  1. Doe anyone know if this an official prelude to Second Coming issue?  The solicit doesn’t say anything about it, but my LCS’s sheet says it is.  Normally I’d just skip Cable, but seeing how I didn’t read Messiah Complex or War, I’m going to need all the set up I can get.

  2. Yes, this storyarc is the official prelude to second coming.

  3. @slockhart – yes, this arc is a direct lead-in to Second Coming.  I’m anti-CABLE, but I’m jumping on to get a better idea of what Hope is like.

    I don’t think you need to read Messiah Complex to enjoy Second Coming, definately not the worthless Messiah War.  I’d read X-FORCE from the beginning though, most of the threads have been/are being developed in that series.

  4. Pencils by Humerto Ramos?  Thats a big shift for this book.  I wonder how they will use him?  I’m interested to see where this will go. I’ve picked up every Cable so far and I’ve gone from pleased to pissed and back again.  Hopefully this will finish strong and my wallet will start talking to me again.

  5. I’ve really been enjoying this run on Cable. I’m not sure where it can go after this, though. Still, it’s making me curious about Swierczynski’s Iron Fist run. I pull this book online so I won’t get to it this week.

  6. @praxjarvin – I’m not sure if it was speculation or not, but I heard that this series is over after Homecoming

  7. This whole series has been so up and down. Every time I am on the verge of dropping it, it finds some way to pull me back in. Glad I stuck with it since it will tie into Homecoming and Second Coming but I’m not going to miss it that much when its over.

    Also am I the only one that feels a GIANT retcon coming from Marvel? I mean in the past few months we have Steve Rogers alive and well wearing the Captain America costume. Thor back as a big part of the Marvel U. Everyone seems to have largely forgiven Tony Stark. Norman is clearly about to fall from power and revert to the Green Goblin. Seems like Spider-Man and Mary Jane are inching back towards their relationship. Nick Fury has essentially restarted S.H.I.E.L.D. with Dum Dum and the Secret Warriors. And Hope is about to bring mutants back into the world! Am I the only one that feels like Marvel is about to hit the reset button on the past 3-5 years?

  8. Hey, uhh… when did this become a $4 series?

  9. Oversized???

  10. @rockingeek Is it? I’ve seen no such indication. That’s fine if it is.

  11. @Prax

    January’s and February’s issues are solicited at $3

  12. 34 pages of story.

  13. This was the complete opposite of what I was expecting, and I mean that in the best way.  The only real flaw was that I’m not sure what the deal was with having three (mediocre) art teams was, other than making an excuse to charge us an extra buck.

  14. Not bad. I really liked it, but the story progression is really killing me. two years of Bishop as the main villain was a bit much. (Despite my dislike for what they did to one of my favorite characters.) Well, let’s hope this wraps up nicely. Not sure what this was randomly longer, but I didn’t mind paying more for it. 4/5 for me.

  15. So, that’s the Phoenix Force hidden in Hope’s hair, right?

  16. Okay, the whole ‘Hope might be Jean’ thing bugs the hell out of me (why do all your female characters have to be the SAME character?) — but I may have fangirl-squealed a little when Hope stopped that bullet.  Telekinetic redheads get me every time, dammit.

  17. Man this series is on the verge of serious let down for me. Not only are they REALLY making Hope seem like Jean but this has been the same story since issue 1. I mean how many Cable’s have ended with ‘One last chance to get it right…" At least half! Second Coming cannot happen soon enough so we can get past this thing and get Cable and Hope back into continuity. 

  18. I realize that Paul Gulacy has been an industry pro since before I was born, but man, his art just does not work with modern comics. Maybe it’s the Marvel coloring, maybe not (since I didn’t like him on that Alan Scott/Vandal Savage One Year Later story either), either way, I’ve just about had my fill.

  19. A "Bishop is still alive!" ending.  How original

  20. @cutty I can’t wait for Hope to turn into a time-traveling, genocidal despot and all the X-Men will go "Well, Crap, Bishop was right…"

  21. Okay, so Scott Summer’s dead wife is reincarnated and comes back from the future as 19 year old along with his son (who also happens to be the son of his dead wife’s clone), who is decades older than he is, while Scott is busy between the sheets with a woman with the same power set, who has been a rival of said dead wife for years. In fact, he psychically cheated on his dead wife (when she was alive of course) with the new woman and got caught.


  22. So is there still doubt that Hope is Jean Grey or at least has something to do with Jean Grey?  If you read the short stories running in the X-Books as well, you’ll see subtle hints (eyes glowing like the phoenix, etc.).  This will just make the Summers/Grey family tree that much more convoluted.  Strange.

    -Vic De Zen

  23. I don’t think Hope is Jean Grey. I think hope’s the new Phoenix host.

  24. @rockingeek: What’s the difference? If she is just some new green eyed, red haired Phoenix host that isn’t Jean I think that is actually worse. To make her this similar and NOT make her Jean would just be stupid. I really hope we get her origin soon.

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