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  1. I’m jumping on – apparently this arc is going to directly lead into the big 2010 Hope-centric crossover.  I’m excited to see what they do with her (and tie her to Jean) now that she’s a teenager

  2. Having not heard of the 2010 Hope-centric crossover until now, and only recently being hooked by X-Men, how important will this book (both issue and ongoing) be in the future?  And what books are supposed to be part of this crossover?

  3. @probably not too important outside of getting an idea of what Hope is like.  This book only exists to age Hope to the point where they need her for the Second Coming crossover.  My understanding is that its more or less run in place since issue #1.  For example, the solicit to this issue is basically the solicit to Cable #1.

    The crossover will be in the 4 core x-books – Uncanny, Legacy, X-Force and New Mutants.  The big bad has been developed in X-Force since issue #1.  It seems like Craig Kyle and Chris Yost will be the driving force behind Second Coming, so I would definately read the entire X-Force run if you can, they’ve been great (outside of Messiah War which is not required reading).  At the least, jump on for the X-Necrosha crossover, there will be threads in that directly leading up to Second Coming

  4. Is the New Mutants really a core book? I suppose by its title it holds the place of the long string of X-student books (New Mutants -> X-Force -> Gen X -> New Mutants, II -> Academy X -> New X-men -> Young X-men -> New Mutants, III Am I missing any?), but so far it has been as much of a mess as Young X-men, i.e. it should be either killed or revamped soon. My final 4 would swap X-factor in for New Mutants, but I can see why it would be on the outside looking in. It is really a different animal (and Astonishing is barely in continuity at all). Crossovers tend to mess up what Peter David is trying to do.

  5. @Jimbillly – The editors are making a move to 4 core books, with the writers working together to form a cohesive overall story.  They’re gonna let Peter David do his own thing outside of the "x-universe".

    I really liked last week’s New Mutants issue; it seems like Zeb Wells has some affinity for the characters

  6. Enjoying this book, but I can’t wait for Second Coming to finish up so the entire X-Universe can move beyond it.

  7. @Prax: Agreed! That being said, this and X-Force have been my favorite X-titles.  Very tempted to read X-Factor but haven’t yet.  Maybe I need to collect that and Incredible Herc in trade.

  8. @JesTr – with X-Factor, anything before Messiah Complex is great.  Anything after, not so much

  9. So far I have liked Zeb Wells’ take on the Cannonball/Sunspot relationship in New Mutants. Most everything else has felt really off to me, especially the Moonstar stuff. We’ll see how it weathers this Necrosha silliness.

    @JesTr The ten or so issues of X-factor after Messiah Complex are really a mess. It think it really picked up again around the late thirties, but I don’t think it has been the exact same type of stories as before, so some are dissapointed (you can’t go home again). I also think David has stretched out some of these stories a bit, maybe to try and time his big finale with issues #50 and #200, so I bet they read better in trade.

    As for Cable — and we were talking about Cable — I have liked the series all right, but I think the editorial mandate on it has been so restrictive that Swierzynski is not giving us all he could have. Certainly there must be some other interesting Cable and Girl story to tell besides "Run, run, run… Bishop is almost here." There have been hints, but I think in one way or another Bishop has been in almost every issue. If that is your gameplan then name it Cable vs. Bishop and be done with it. Maybe put one in a black suit, one in a white one. Then they can blow each other up in different funny ways.    

  10. @JimBilly4 & @cutty: Thanks guys.  I’ve heard good things about X-Factor and I heard it was better now.  I haven’t read much but i’m a fan of the Layla Miller stuff.  The last X-Factor comics I bought were the Quicksilver and Layla Miller one shots.  Also I never really read the old X-Factor growing up.  I’d love to read the original run with the original X-Men.

  11. @JesTr – If you’re a Layla fan, I would highly recommend picking up X-Factor #50

  12. Wow, realy enjoyed this. Fast, tight and a lot of action. Can’t wait for Homecoming!

  13. This series has been treading water for most of its run but at the same time it has been a lot of fun and full of action. Bishop’s relentless pursuit of Cable and Hope, literally through time AND space, has created a lot of tension. Can’t wait to see how it all plays out in Homecoming!

  14. This was a grand epic tale that Duane S has told in this comic. Just wish the art was more consistent throughout the whole run.

  15. I prefer Guzman than Gulacy and Guzman’s a million time better than fuckin’Olivetti. I really hope Guzman can maintain a monthly schedul, cause I quite enjoy his style.

  16. I gave it a 3/5, which for me is about as good as it gets with this book.  I’m excited for Homecoming though

  17. It appears my LCS has stopped ordering this in, because nobody was buying it. I’ve had to go to eBay…

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