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  1. If you asked me in 2001 what comic books I would be reading in 2009, I don’t think Cable would be anywhere near the list. Truth told, was a fan of the late Cable run (around 100) under Igor Kordey. It was gritty, dirty and felt real. The jump to Soldier X did nothing for the title, though, and so Cable meandered for a bit. But who… Swierczynski is kicking but on this title. It’s different. It’s been fun. It feels a bit gritty and dirty. And despite the fact that I hate what they’ve done to Bishop, I feel like Duane is doing his best to make it seem realistic and not as contr

  2. Prax, I loved that run!  (We agree on something X-men related, does reality implode on itself now?)

  3. I really would like a regular artist on this title, although the time jumping aspect makes it less noticeable.

  4. @Ohcarloine Oh boy… ::looks around.:: I think the world stopped.

    Oh bother, it seems my post was cut off at the last sentence. I was having some issues posting this one. Hrmm. The last word was contrived. 

  5. I can’t wait to read this. I’ve only been reading Cable and X-Force and have enjoyed both.  Cable in space could be good or bad.  I’m going to call it right now and say that Hope receives the Phoenix force in space. Thoughts?

  6. @JestR This is one of the books that I have held at my LCS and pick up bi-monthly, so despite my love for it, I won’t be able to comment on it. From the sounds of it, I see a Brood encounter coming.

  7. Yes there isnt enough brood in comics.  so this is good.



    i like it anyway

  8. Like the reference to Aliens on the cover.

  9. I’m sick of hearing about how Bishop needs to see Hope with his own eyes before he detonates the nuclear device!

    It feels like this comic has been treading water for a while… hopefully The Brood will mess shit up.

  10. Hello all, this is my first post. I’ve been loving this comic for a long time now. I was reading comics when Cable first came on the scene but I haven’t been reading much for X-books in the last 15ish years. For me, this series has given meaning to both Cable and Bishop, something I have wanted for a long time. However, this particular issue has me kind of worried. I really don’t know what The Brood has to do with this story in the big picture. Maybe there is a history there that I don’t know about, but I am worried that the series will start to throw random villains to overcome. I enjoy it is a sci-fi survival story with characters that makes sense. Also, a story like this needs an ending. Does anyone know when it is coming? Thanks.

  11. I agree Ricky.  I’ve been scanning through the news sites and can’t seem to see about the series ending, but I would agree that maybe we could see a change in direction soon.  I’d love to see them come back into the current timeline.

  12. It would be funny if the final issue of this series is Bishop finally catching Cable and Hope and he nukes them and they all die. THE END.

  13. The Brood! Sweet.

  14. @ Owlyfan – I am not collecting any other mutant book right now, but if this story comes back into current continuity then I probably will start reading a few more x-books. I think Marvel should let the fans know what their plans are with this book. The TV show LOST started spinning its wheels during season 3 because the writers didn’t know when to end the story. I hope that’s not the case here. I like to know with all new titles (that have an end) about how long they see the book lasting. And that goes especially for this book because it has such a clear plot. Maybe the book can go on after the Bishop chase story is done, but I wonder when will that story be concluded?

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