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  1. hmmm……im not sure anymore. opinions anyone?? i’ve stuck around this long

  2. The creators at NYCC made it sound like very important things were going to take place in X-Force/Cable that would affect the status of the X-Men universe for over a year. I got super amped up listening to them, and I went and bought the back issues of cable. I have an inkling about what is coming and I’m pretty excited.

  3. I was going to give up on Cable because its kinda been treading water, but since I’m also getting X-Force I decided to stay till their x-over is done with and re-asses. Its not been a bad book, just kinda dull. And I didn’t much care for Olivetti’s art style. Anyone know how long McKelvie is on the book for?

  4. I dropped this book, but I’ve started picking it up again starting last issue.  It seems that Duane S. has found his comic book footing in this book and Iron Fist.

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