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  1. i dropped this a while back, but i am totally picking this up just to see what a McKelvie drawn Marvel book looks like.

  2. Carl’s future wife? Maybe?

  3. Mckelvie on Cable??? This blows my mind!

  4. I love that cover.

  5. Has McKelvie ever drawn someone that didn’t look like an indie kid? It’ll be weird to see how he draws a old post-apocalyptic muscle head.  

  6. I think the change in art will bring me back to this arc…

  7. What the blue hell was going on with the art in this issue?  It’s really hard not to be taken out of it when you flip a page and the kid is suddenly years older and has a different hairstyle.

  8. lost in the art change… THERE ARE USES FOR CABLE’S POUCHES!!!

  9. I only bought this for McKelvie, and heres something i thought i’d never say about a Cable comic, but that was that surprisingly good.

  10. The art in the second half of the book doesnt fit the tone.  The way Jamie Mckelvie is drawing Cable was enogh to completely take me out of the book. I hope his tenure on the book only lasts til next issue and the conclusion of the arc.  It would be a shame to have to suffer through his "skinny" cable for the entire X-force crossover ,though the way that book is going it is probable it will be questionable at best.

  11. Jamie Mckelvie’s art is just what this book needed. I think I’ve had my fill of Ariel Olivetti for awhile.

  12. I’m really enjoying this title; can’t believe how much so.  Only traveling further into the future, and allowing the characters to age has been a great idea.

  13. Gotta agree with a couple of the posters above. Got around to reading this last night and the art change in the middle really threw me, got me pissed and made me question my subscription to this title…

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