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Steve Noman finally tracks down Hine and Kane in this breathtaking climax to our epic tale of love, loss and laxatives. Just who the heck are The Shadow Men anyway? Will The Creators pull this off or will they disappear up their own flabby wrinkled backsides? Find out in “The Dotted Line…”

art & cover SHAKY KANE

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  1. Besides the Spirit(which I am very much enjoying), what else is David Hine currently working on?  With this wrapping up, I’ll be on the look-out for more by either of these creators.

  2. I think he has just finished a run on Detective comics, and as well as doing some recent Batman Annuals. I think he’s now working on Azreal. Though I haven’t read any of it, so can’t say how good it is I’m afriad.

    I have really enjoyed this series, it’s been a treat. I’m worried that most people will probably read it in trade, were it might lose some of it’s charm. It’s a comic about collecting comics, while also exploring the fun of the medium. I hope people do track down these issues and give them a chance, because it has been a wild ride.

  3. What a great series. Sad to see it end.

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