Buffy is trying something new—not Slaying. WHAT?! Enter Kennedy. Slayer. Ex-girlfriend of magicless Willow. Bossy. She’s joined a company that hires Slayers to act as bodyguards for high-profile clients, and Buffy is her most recent recruit. But Buffy is having a little trouble letting go of Slaying. Things that go bump in the night are kinda her forte. Luckily . . . her first client is having some woeful demon trouble that Buffy can’t wait to sink her stake into.

*Executive produced by Joss Whedon!

*Buffy the bodyguard!

*Kennedy returns!

Writer: Andrew Chambliss
Penciller: Georges Jeanty
Inker: Nathan Massengill, Dexter Vines
Colorist: Michelle Madsen
Cover Artist: Phil Noto

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%
Avg Rating: 3.8
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  1. Decent issue. Liked the reveal at the end – though I like it mostly because it helps tie the buffyverse together. Mayhaps this will lead to the debut of Ilyria in the Dark Horse Buffyverse?

    Decent set up, I continue to not like Georges Jeanty art (especially after getting to enjoy the spectacular art over in Angel and Faith).

  2. I think Buffy and Angel & Faith have both been up and down this “season.” IMO, when one’s good the other’s dragging. Right now I’m really enjoying Buffy, whereas A&F is feeling more redundant.

  3. I actually think this was one of the best comic issues that Buffy has ever done. The scenerio that is presented is great and a very interesting twist for Buffy. To live in a world where Vampires are embraced by the public at large, where cops and authorities are trained to handle them, a world where being a “Slayer” has become somewhat obsolete. Now Buffy, a natural leader, is being forced to get in line, take orders, and try and fit into this new world.
    It was pretty great and I’m very excited to see where it goes from here.

  4. I’ve been trying stay chipper, but I was just bored this whole issue. I get the Buffy in the Big World storyline, but I don’t know how many times it can be done before we can pronounce it dead. This year was the third (at least) time that she’s worked a cash register and thought “Wow, adulthood is hard and stupid.” I almost laughed at how quickly she disobeyed orders this issue. Buffy has been striking me more every season since her 2nd death as developing this weird god complex with herself (obviously, there is some merit to it, but it’s definitely open to interpretation just how much she matters in the big picture). The reveal at the end was a breath of relief though! Plot! 11 issues and here comes some supernatural plot! Great hook for the next issue, I’m just worried about the pacing this year.

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