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  1. Super-sized issue.  Very nice

  2. If I’m not mistaken, BUFFY is always 40 pages.

  3. Not every issue has been 40 pages long.

  4. Again this book is in danger of being dropped.  Like it’s related book Angel it has taken a HUGE dip since the first dozen or so issues.  Although I did like the last Angel issue by Juliet Landau…

  5. Haven’t the past few issues been longer?

  6. @PraxJarvin: They’ve all been listed at 40 pages.

    I’m going to ride this out until the season closes out and then I’ll reasses. Right now I’m thinking I might be done with BUFFY.

  7. @conor You’re absolutely right, was curious so I flipped through the latest issues and yeah… they’re all the same length which is awesome. And I share your sentiments. I’ve been enjoying it, but my interest is slowing down. Maybe I’ll switch to trades on Season 9? Hmmm. Decisions, decisions.

  8. Agreed, this book came on the scene with such force, but it’s been slowing down for a while now.  I’m ready for this season to be over with.  If the last little bit doesn’t pick up it may not last til the end for me.

  9. I came on this late – I picked up the first 3 trades and then by the time I was finished with those I was able to buy all the issues that were out up through the Predators and Prey arc. Because I did that, the momentum is still going ok for me. I think if I had to wait through the Predators and Prey arc I might be banging my head against a wall like others, but luckily I didn’t have to wait. I’ve been having a good time as a result.

  10. All have been long?  hm…didn’t notice that before.  Well, I reassess and say good for them for giving me 25% more per issue.

    This has also been the first arc that I have enjoyed since the Goddard written arc.

  11. The alternate cover for this is awesome:


  12. I love Buffy (see my name), but the series has lost his steam. I was all set to drop the book at the end of season 8. I recently heard Joss say season 9 would be shorter, and very different in it’s approch, so as long as season 8 ties up it’s mysterys, and has a good conclusion I’ll probably be around for season 9. I will admit the book has never delivered on the promise of the first two arcs.

  13. I loved the first four arcs, and then after the "animated series" issue I felt a HUGE dip in quality. I had high hopes for this arc, but it feels like we’ve been spinning wheels since January. I’m waiting for something to happen. It’s a fun read, and I’ll be interested to see season nine, but… Sigh… This is letting me down. They need to get moving.

  14. I know Dark Horse says differently but really, do we think Joss Whedon is meticulously going over every script word by word with these?  Outside of the ones he has written and probably just giving a rough thumbs up or down on stuff he didn’t, I don’t think he’s as hands on as they would like us to believe.  I could very well be wrong but it’s just a feeling I have.

  15. Hawkboy, one of Scott Allie’s notes in the letters column said something to the effect of "So, Dollhouse happened and we added a bunch of issues to give Joss enough time to catch up…". It was more veiled than that, but essentially Dollhouse is taking up Joss’ time right now to the point that the Buffy comic is sidelined. This current arc was supposed to have been written by him, I believe. 

  16. Again I know what has been said.  I just feel (And don’t worry it’s not based on anything other than good ol’ fanboy cynicism) that the title of executive producer is just a gimmick to have his name on the project when he isn’t writing the actual issue. 

  17. @Hawkboy-Kinda like Spielberg on the Transformers franchise?

  18. I’m switching to trades as soon as possible. 


  19. I heard that season eight is gonna run 40 issues. So i’m gonna Stick with it and see how it ends. Whedon is supposedly gonna write the last couple of issues.

  20. Remember when this book was good?….. those were good times.

  21. I still love it.

  22. @skeets   yeah this issue was badass

  23. I find it humorous that Buffy and co are fighting Twilight.

  24. Wait, is Xander making out with Dawn. I’m confused. And if he is, gross. Or is that FAith? The art was just too all over the place.

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