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  1. Anyone know how many issues this season will be? Like, a regular TV season, 22 eps or something? Not that I want it to finish any time soon, though, it’s been fantastic throughout.

    (thank god they’re not going by British TV seasons or we’d only get 6 books!)

  2. a while ago I read that Joss had 30+ issues plotted

  3. @Eyun: Well, I haven’t heard anything specific but:

    Brad Metzler is on tap to write the penultimate arc of the season, with Joss coming in to write the last arc. However, before Metzler even starts, he has an entire novel to write. So, from this we can extrapolate that we have at least a couple more full arcs before the final two. All of this comes from Metzler’s recent wordballon interview.

    If anyone knows different, please educate us. 🙂

    Oh, dear God I forgot: Loeb is scheduled to write an arc too. D’oh!

  4. What a bizarrely erotic cover!

  5. Ok, so we’ve a while to go yet. Cheers guys! 🙂

  6. I also heard this was going to be 30+ issues. I wish it would never end, if it keeps being this good.

  7. @Eyun After this issue, there’s a one-off Animated Series thing by Loeb (#20), a five issue arc featuring Jane Espenson, Doug Petrie, Jim Kruegger, Stephen S. DeKnight, and Drew Greenberg (but not necessarily in that order, #21-25), then a five issue arc by Jane Espenson (featuring, get this, Oz, #26-30), then five issues by Meltzer (#31-#35), and then Joss will end it with a five issue arc (36-40).

    And after that we get Season Nine.

  8. Yay, Jane Espenson!  Actually, yay, all those folks who were writers on the series.  I wonder if that’s what they did during the strike? 

  9. @ohcaroline It’s anyone’s guess, I think… I’m just worried about Jim Kruegger. He did a Serenity comic on Dark Horse’s Myspace Comic page thing (the thing Joss did Sugarshock and the Captain Hammer comics through) and it was not good and that’s got me fairly concerned. I want David Fury to do something. That guy’s fantastic.

  10. Wow, someone with actual facts and not rumor he picked up off a podcast, like me.

    Looks to be a solid lineup, especially since Loeb is only doing a one-shot (Praise Gaia). Espenson wrote some pretty good Buffy comics years ago and Metzler – well, that JLA with the Watergate collapse was pretty good. And of course Joss.

    2 more years then onto season 9!

  11. @Gunga – Good work, sir! Espenson, DeKnight and Oz? Colour me excited… kinda showing my age with that phrase but let’s go with it 🙂

  12. Dawn looks hot in that cover, except for that whole half-horse thing…

  13. When Dawn is half horse she looks like an Olympic female Speed Skater.

  14. Dawn looks hott…. From the waist up. Yeah. I went there. I called a centaur hott. What?

  15. I was under the impression that each arc ( 5 issues) was one episode but then I heard the 30+ issues so I guess it is split up a little differently. I think 40 comics will make a nice season, can’t wait to see how they collect it all !

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