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  1. Oooh, more Moline! I like his stuff in general and Love his Fray. I know some people had a problem with his art last ish but I didn’t. Hell, I liked both the Buffy eating chinese food panel and the Willow’s nose panel that Ron and (I belive) Connor had problems with, respectively. Really looking forward to this. Only the DMV trade keeps it from being my most anticipated book this week.

    Oh, and it looks like Melaka’s brother is back. Cool.

    Hell with it: I want a monthly Fray book. 

  2. I don’t think anyone doesn’t want a monthly Frak book… It’s one of my favorite miniseries ever… The more I can get of her the better…

  3. @GungaDin second that! The only thing that bothered me with Fray was the stuff at the end with her watcher. But it was a very Whedon-thing to do, so it’s good. In a way. Like the end of Astonishing. Or Dr. Horrible for that matter…

  4. Which Watcher? The "official" Watcher? Or the demon watcher? Because what happened to the "official" watcher was just great… And the demon watcher…

    … Well… That’s just good character and her doing what she needs to do…

    Unless I forgot this book… I only read it twice… I need to read it again…

  5. @GungaDin demon watcher of course.

  6. As much as I love Fray I don’t think I’d buy a monthly book of hers.  Molines art is really good. The Ifanboy crew was really down on it (And not in the good hip hop ‘down’ way… God, I am sooo unhip). I think it’s just as good as Geores Jentys stuff.  Gotta say to all you people reading Buffy yet not picking up Angel you are really missing out on all things in the Buffyverse.


  7. @Hawkboy I think it’s interesting that you don’t tell us WHY you wouldn’t buy a monthly Fray book, but instead told us that the art is good. Very confusing. What I’m trying to communicate here: Why wouldn’t you buy a monthly Fray book? I’m curious…

    Oh, and you are totally right about Angel! That book is awesome! D’you pick up Spike as well?

  8. @Hawkboy – Ron was really down on Moline, not me.

  9. I’m astonished that no one has yet mentioned that the statue of Jesus (I assume) is giving the "Shocker". It’s funnier than any of the Whedon-text, and that’s saying something.

  10. Anyone enjoying Buffy should give Angel or Spike a try. Character-wise, they’re just as faithful as this book. Just my opinion, but it’s worth a shot if you like the Buffyverse.

  11. GREAT fakeout here…

  12. This was the first predictable twist I have seen from Joss.  That’s pretty darn good considering he’s been at it for nine years or so!

  13. @MrZ Yeah, but I still think there’s something more going on and the twist wasn’t the BIG twist, not even for that arc…

  14. That wasn’t a giant Jesus statue, it was a GIANT ALAN MOORE STATUE.



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