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  1. I’m going to miss Drew Goddard on this book.

  2. Drew Goddard has surprised me with how amazing this arc has been.  This Buffy series has just been fantastic.

  3. It feels impossible for this book to be bad. I might do something rash if there was a bad issue.

  4. We have been truly spoiled with this book. First Whedon, then Vaughan, then Whedon again, now Goddard. It has no right being this damn good, and I say that as a huge fan of the show. I just didn’t think it would so consistently amazing.

    That last cliff-hanger actually made me yell out loud at my book! 

  5. this is a little off topic, but i just listened to a pretty good drew goddard interview on a podcast called "creative screenwriting magazine". its an hour plus interview centering around cloverfield, but he touches on buffy and lost. its worthwhile if your a fan of his work. 

  6. @JesseG – Sounds cool, thanks for the heads up! 🙂 

  7. This is the most consistent series being published

  8. @capcool – Totally agree. Since issue #1 this has been nothing but great every month. And it comes out EVERY month, no delays.

  9. @eyun   Yup, it comes out every month.  Because if the people who work for Joss Whedon tried to pull the crap that Marvel lets HIM get away with?  They’d be out of jobs.

  10. @ohcaroline I think I’m gonna chalk it up to Joss being really busy as a person. He also wrote and shot a short film musical, created a TV show, and went on strike. And his stuff’s so good, I’ll give him some leeway…

  11. Damn this issue was amazing. It was big on the action, and didn’t leave out any of the humor. I really hope there’s a season 9 after this. Does anybody have an idea if there will be a season 9?


    Great issue, definitely the best book of the week, if for no other reason than it finally made Dracula into the badass he should have been from the start. 

  13. @samuraigrifter Joss has confirmed that after season eight there will be a season nine. He’s also said that because it’s not as much work as running a TV show and he’s not writing every issue, and because he just loves Buffy, he has no plans on stopping for the forseeable future.

  14. What do they feed those writers over in the Lost offices?  Between this guy and Brian K. Vaughn.  Was Damion Lindelof’s Ultimate Hulk/Wolvie thing any good?  I know Drew was on Buffy and Angel before he was on Lost, and I know Brian K. Vaugn was hot stuff in comics before he jumped to Lost.  Maybe they just have excellent taste in their HR department.

    Still, what I liked about this book is that it brought the Buffy without bringing the baggage.  The baggage is the reason I kind of dread any Joss book.  I love that guy, but hoo-boy can you find yourself weighed down by the melodrama.  This book had it all working, and working well.  

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