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  1. This has bears in it. Scratch that. THIS HAS PLASMA SHOOTING BEARS IN IT. 

  2. The first issue was beyond my expectations… let’s hope this keeps it up!

  3. I’ll stick with it.  The first issue seemed kind of everywhere, but I still enjoyed it.


    Is this any good? I used to love the old TV show, is it similar?

  5. Not very similar. Similar characters though.  If you liked the show I think you would find this, as least, mildly amusing.

  6. I thought the first issue was pretty solid. My understanding of the end of the first issue is that cyborg laser weilding bears hunt humans for sport. How could you pass that up?

  7. the .25$ zero issue, and #1 were awesome. I can’t wait for wednesday!

  8. @ vadamowens, thanks I’ll give it a flick through at the store

  9. I live to serve.  @burn, you’re picture is fucking awesome.  Were you plucking nose hairs?  That’s exactly how I look when I do.

  10. "Honey, you’re glowing again"

  11. If you’re interested as to how Buck went into the future, go watch Star Trek 4 again. The very same science at work…

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