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  1. Looking forward to this!  Didnt realize #0 came out already though…

  2. @ryan

    It was a 25 cent issue a while back. My LCS still has it. 

  3. Wow, a Cassaday cover … how novel.

    You would think an artist that awesome would know enough to make sure he’s not watering down his brand. Ah well. I guess artistic talent and business acumen do not necessarily go hand in hand.

  4. I’m gonna get #1, but it better knock my socks off to keep buying.

  5. Hmmmmm… if it’s on the shelf, I’ll check ‘er out

  6. issue #0 was pretty awesome. i’m not predicting this will be as good as Fear Agent, but as Fear Agent ends, I’m hoping it will be a decent non-marvel non-DC sci fi fix.

  7. Issue #1 has me curious about #2.  This stays… for now.

  8. Had a good time. Welcome back Buck.


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