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  1. This has easily been the best arc of season 8 so far… and that’s really saying something as they’ve all been fantastic.

    Dracula rules in this!

  2. @Eyun: Second that! Dracula is King. We need definetely more of him…

  3. @cylonpete – Hey, it’s my nemesis! 😉

    If not Dracula soon, weren’t they saying Oz would be making an appearance soon? He’d be a great addition, and the way these writers are nailing these characters we’d be in for some classic, sardonic goodness!

  4. @Eyun: Yeah, Joss said a year ago that it’s not an "If, but when" regarding Oz. I hope it’s not just a short cameo or anything, I miss Oz!

  5. No, he is going to be essential in one of the next couple arcs, The number #26 stands out in my mind but I cant remember, he will be introduced soon. I can’t wait!

  6. Oz is one of my favorite characters too, I thought it was sad when he came back and Willow was already gay. If Oz wouldn’t have left though, then  Willow wouldn’t have met Tara,  then Joss would have had Xander go gay, which would basically change how the show turned out.

  7. Oz is coming back in the arc after the next one. Currently, they’re wrapping up the Fray arc, then there’s a five part arc from #21-25, and then the return of Oz arc is from #26-30. So yes. You’d be right.

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