When Ra’s al Ghul first heard that Bruce Wayne had died, he refused to believe it. Now The Demon’s Head is proven right as his longtime arch enemy returns and the villain’s master plan can continue in earnest…

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  1. I loved Ras in Red Robin. I know he will be very different in this but I have hopel

  2. Of course he didn’t believe it, he’s got the Lazarus Pits fer chrissake.  Not too big a fan of Nicieza’s writing, but been enjoying The Road Home more than I thought I would, the flip test will be huge for this.

  3. He just walked away? That is so disappointing.

  4. These have all been mediocre, but I applaud DC for taking the time to bridge the gap between ROBW and Batman Inc. The best part of this whole Road Home has been Fabian Nicieza. His grip on the Batfamily is unmatched IMO, and anyone else helming this would’ve been worse than mediocre.

    My favorite part of this ish was how Nicieza tied up the Vicki Vale thread. I never thought I’d be excited by a Vicki Vale story, but I’ve been enjoying this since it started in Red Robin, and I was curious to see how they’d wrap it up. Bruce turning her from a threat to an ally by finally revealing his identity was really the best way to do that IMO. The Ra’s stuff was ok, but certainly not as exciting as the character can be in the right circumstances.

    I dunno if McDaniel’s slipping or my tastes have changed, but his stuff just doesn’t thrill me like it did back in the Nightwing days. It’s as if he’s becoming a parody of his own style.

  5. This passed the flip test, Scott McDaniel has always been on and off with me, but really enjoyed his work on this for some reason, seemed much more refined to me, thought it was the best stuff I’ve seen from him. 

    We finally get another name of one of the 7 Men of Death, the White Ghost, intriguing; and really liked Ra’s inner dialogue, "Do I show him disrespect by forgetting…or do I disrespect myself?"  Very introspective, and I liked how the Viki Vale thread resolved as well, how she would flip on what was her life’s work really was consistent as far as what seemed to me was her almost psychopathological obsession with construing the Bat-family; that it was mainly due to anger towards Bruce, and that is why she was willing to do away with it after Bruce’s act of contrition, was plausible enough to me.

  6. @Franktiger The White Ghost isn’t one of the Seven Men. He’s Ra’s right hand man. Thy all have lame names like Hook and Whip.

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