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Being a cop was in the Keane blood. But Martin wanted to be a writer even if it meant turning his back on the family legacy.

Then his wife goes missing, and Martin is forced to delve into the dark history – and darker secrets – of that same family. It’s a path that will lead him back to the Bronx Kill: that lonely, godforsaken stretch of land where many years earlier his grandfather had been brutally murdered, and where finally he will learn the truth about his wife’s disappearance. It’s a truth more monstrous than he could ever have imagined.

Entertainment Weekly “It” writer Peter Milligan (GREEK STREET, HUMAN TARGET) joins forces with New York cartoonist and fine artist James Romberger (Seven Miles a Second) for an urban mystery drenched in family secrets. Don’t miss the newest sure-fire hit from Vertigo Crime!

Written by Peter Milligan
Art by James Romberger
Cover by Lee Bermejo

Price: $19.99
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  1. i’m sure this is going to be at least as good as Filthy Rich, which was a perfect crime noir book.

  2. I just hope it doesn’t have the fantasy element that some of these have.  I like straight-up noir, not noir with a horror or fantastic element.  The description makes it seem pretty safe, but the fact that it’s Milligan makes me think there’s going to be something crazy in there.

  3. I’m with you CGPO — and I’m a big fan of the supernatural stuff, but I’d like to see more of the straight-up crime for this line.  It LOOKS like this is going to be that, and I’m sure Millgan can do that, but his comics track record is certainly more in line with the fantastic. We’ll see. I’m totally down for this. I’ve enjoyed all the crime books thus far.

  4. @daccampo: Yeah, I may say I want more down to earth stories, but at this point, I’m going to be picking these up for the time being regardless as they’re still quite good.

  5. I’m so behind on these!

  6. This is Vertigo Crime. Never before seen, perfect and modern noir.

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