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There can be only one who wields the White Lantern…but is it truly Deadman? And what will happen when he attempts to charge the white ring? Meanwhile, Ronnie Raymond risks everything for Firestorm, Martian Manhunter uncovers more clues about the bizarre string of murders stretching across the country, Aquaman searches for the key to the ocean’s survival and the Hawks come face-to-face with the evil that lurks within the strange land known only as Hawkworld!

White Lantern Variant covers by RYAN SOOK, FERNANDO PASARIN and JOEL GOMEZ

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Avg Rating: 3.7
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  1. Last issue was a real step up, let’s hope it continues.

  2. Still a solid book. I actually like it staying a little slow because it still have what 20 weeks to go? And I don’t want 20 weeks of solid action.

  3. after the good reviews, i’m thinking i’ll bite the bullet, go back and purchase all the issues i dropped due to event burnout and catch up this week.  

  4. or you could just wait for the hardcovers and have a sweet looking collection for less money.

  5. @wally: Good for you dude. It takes a special kind of man to go back and pick up dropped issues. I think we’ll be seeing a lot of people following suit after they recover from their event fatugues and realize that this series really isn’t as boring as a lot of haters originally made it out to be.

    Looking forward to this one. Enjoyed the last issue quite a bit. After almost 20 years of reading comics, this series has showed me that you can always come around to liking a character you never thought you’d enjoy at all. I care about Aquaman, Firestorm, and Hawk/Dove for the first time in my life, and that gives me the warm and fuzzies.

  6. @scorpion–but then i’d have to wait over a year or so right? I think the cover price would be cheaper than buying 4 trades at $30 each. 

    @wheelhands–thanks! i have a rule about comics..i don’t keep buying what i don’t enjoy, and the first few issues of BD…well not so much y’know what i mean? Its at a place now where its still possible to grab them without spending too much, and i won’t get totally judged by my LCS guys. lol After all the good reviews i’m curious to see how its going, now that its taking off. 

  7. I loved the last issue. By the looks of the cover this issue focuses on Hawkman and Hawkgirl’s story. Their story is my least favorite of the bunch but as long as the other characters get some face time I’ll be alright with it. Liking the David Finch cover too!

  8. @JesTr I think the little break we’ve had from them will help. I don’t mind the Hawk story but maybe that’s because its the first Hawk story I’m reading.

  9. This was a fun issue and I found myself enjoying the Hawkman/Hawkgirl storyline. And the Martian storyline is coming along nicely as well.

  10. this was good but i would have liked more with deadman and MM. i’m just not at all interested in hawkworld

  11. great issue…didnt care much for the hawkworld part….ive never cared much for either of the hawks……wished aquaman was in this issue,,,but it was a good read none the less

  12. This wasn’t bad. Martian Manhunter’s story continues to intrigue me, and I’m looking forward to Brand meeting up with Hal. I’ve always liked Carter and I think it’s cool that Shiera’s back, but this whole Hawkworld thing seems like a bit of a stretch to me. But I’ll see where it goes. Maybe it’ll surprise me.

  13. This is by far one of my personally anticipated books i can’t wait till the next one

  14. Very excited by everything happening in this book… except for the Hawk stuff. Too bad this issue was nearly all Hawk stuff. Can’t wait for the next one, but this one was only ok.

  15. Im loving the hawk stuff i think johns has a great concept fo the hawks, but im not in on the martian man hunter stuff, hes great but i want more deadman.

  16. That is the problem with this book. Everyone reading it likes parts but not the whole thing.  It still is a moving a little to slow but it is picking up speed.

  17. The Hawk/Dove line is weak, diggin the Martian Manhunter suspense, and I agree with WheelHands that the Hawkworld story is a stretch.  Hawkman’s gotta be one of my favorite characters, but I always liked the idea that the Nth metal was only from Thanagar.  Wish they just focused it on them trying to break the cycle of the curse.

  18. @DamonS23: I like the whole.

  19. @Conor I misspoke lots people don’t like the whole story…yet. I’m sure in retrospect it will seem awesome but right now I know lots of people that just skip the characters they don’t like and read the rest.  Deadman is pretty much the only one you can’t skip.

  20. I was totally down with the Hawks until they got seperated and now i’m just waiting for them to be on the same page again fighting the same fight

  21. @conor i totally agree

  22. got all my dropped issues including this one. I’m gonna go back and start at issue #0 take my time with it and get all caught up before #9 comes out. I hope i love it this time around!

  23. I am having a lot of fun with this series, but wow is that an ugly cover from Finch this time.

  24. This issue wasn’t quite as good as the previous one, but it was still better than the first 6. Sometimes—or most times—-it seems like the focus is spread too thin. It’s like this could’ve been a handful of 12-issue series that got condensed into one maxi-series for the sake of sales. I’m most interested in the Firestorm and Deadman stuff and when they’re not the main focus I feel like I didn’t get my money’s worth. The Hawkman and Hawkgirl stuff is pretty good, and the Martian Manhunter story isn’t bad. I could do without the Auquaman bit at this point, but I have to assume it’s all coming together sooner than later (or at least I hope it is).

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