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Deadman discovers the truth behind the formation of the White Lantern and what it means to the twelve returnees and the rest of the DC Universe. Plus, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, Hawkman, Hawkgirl and Firestorm discover the price for their resurrections…and why they may be doing more harm than good to the world.

Variant cover by IVAN REIS

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  1. This has gotten off to a slow start but I trust Geoff Johns.  He always has the long term in mind when he writes and I think Brightest Day will be the same. 

  2. Honestly I still think people expected too much straight out of the gate. I have yet to be disappointed by Brightest Day. After all the excitement and drama of Blackest Night, a slow, building pace was exactly what readers needed. If Johns has a skill that rivals his characterization, it’s his ability to make a plot work within the given structure. We have twenty issues to go, and I think he and Tomasi are just getting warmed up. 

    Also, that cover is boneriffic. 

  3. Well is no Generation Lost, but it’s not as bad as people say. Unless it’s the type-O such as the one issue

    "you know I don’t Swim" (problem was, no one said anything about swimming)

  4. This better start WOWing me soon!!

  5. I also need to be WOWed soon as I really don’t care for most of the characters other than Deadman and Aquaman.

  6. @torippu I think that is the real problem with this story. Everyone has their favorite storyline and it isn’t getting enough pages to keep you going.  I almost would have preferred 6 separate mini’s than what they are doing with this book. How is paying $6 a month for 15-20 pages that I care about any different than plopping down $4 for a mini of a character that I do care about?….Oh yeah there aren’t 40 pages and $2 that will be a waste for me!

  7. @ everyone who said that this needed to wow them soon: Your read something for 5 issues (6 if you count #0) without really liking it? Damn, you guys must have heaps more money and patience than me

  8. I like a slow book. I don’t need a fight every issue to wow me. But less Hawk would be fine.

  9. @IncerdibleDave Geoff Johns gets more leeway from most people just because he is so well liked.

  10. @DamonS23 hit the nail on the head. This book gets more time to hook me just because Johns & Tomasi did such a bang up job on BN that I am willing to give them more than a book or two before putting it on the chopping block.

  11. I really liked last issue and i’m excited to read more J’onn

  12. I saw the new image for Comicon. BD is going to get really………big?

  13. You know what?  I just can’t afford this anymore.  GL and Flash are plenty enough to get my Johns fix, I don’t need to sleep through this too.



  14. I don’t know about others but I feel like this issue really started a lot. Especially with Martian Manhunter. I hope the next issue picks up right where it left off.

  15. @Minion That’s just the problem it won’t it will go back to Hawkworld and make you wait at least a month before you get another hint of the MM story or give you a page on MM and focus on AM or H&D or Captain Boomerang or Flash.

  16. @Damon I understand that is a possibility, its biggest flaw is the large cast that never meets, but we know that it will lead to a slew of #1’s in s few months.

    I did notice that I enjoyed not seeing Hawkman. Just one angry guy named Hawk was enough for me. 

  17. From the horse’s mouth, #7 is supposed to be where the shit really hits the fan, so there’s that.

    It’s good to see some development in the Firestorm area, hopefully the two will start working together soon. The whole backstory with Mera was pretty interesting. Martian Manhunter had a good scene with Oracle–but I REALLY hope the last page was a red herring and those two will be adventuring together to take out this crazy Martian Lady.

    Also–may I nominate the White Ring telling Boston to eat a cheeseburger as a Panel of the Week?

  18. Yeah, we’ve gotten the ball rolling. Series starting to pick back up, though I still feel Generation Lost is kicking BD’s butt. 4/5

  19. Really enjoyed this issue, it felt like rather than being tied into trying to show as many stories as possible they covered some of the others than just gave the rest to the Martian Manhunter. It’s definitely building up nicely.


    And I agree with @DarkKnightJared, the ‘Eat a cheeseburger’ panel is definitely Panel of the Week!


  20. Liked this one a lot. Starting to pick up the pace fo sho. Really excited about Martian Manhunters arc, and more interested in the Aquaverse than I ever thought’d I’d be. I love when you find that comics can still surprise you.

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