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It’s the beginning of the end as we head toward the epic conclusion to BRIGHTEST DAY! The mystery of the heroes’ return and the secrets of the white forest are revealed!

Plus, Captain Boomerang draws closer to completing his mission!

And at last, it’s Firestorm vs. Deadman!

Variant Covers by IVAN REIS

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  1. i probably would drop this book if it wasn’t going to be over soon. At this point i just want to see how it turns out, but i’m kinda bored with it. 

  2. I want to call Spoiler on that cover.

  3. I want to call Earth, Wind & Fire cover on that cover.

  4. cover needs a unicorn

  5. HEART!

  6. Didn’t Willingham do a cover like this for Comico in the 80’s?

  7. The New Fantastic Four?

  8. I kind of love the idea.  It’s so obvious, but surprising at the same time. 

  9. @JackAcid  theres 5.

  10. This would’ve been a great 12 issue series without all the extra boring BS

  11. I Don’t care. I still love this book.

  12. Oh boy… I keep hoping for things to be cool in this book and it seems like it just is not going to happen! Maybe fix some things for some of my favorite characters but this book continues to disapoint here and there and very slightly satisfies. I am positive it has been written on the fly for almost since like the fifth issue. Maybe I am way off base however; when this is over I think I will be saving some money!! Well; hopefully my favorite heroes will get a solo series and come out in good shape.. I can wish right??


  13. @Flash923:  Harsh, dude.  I’ve only been disappoited w/ 2 or 3 issues in this series.  3 out of 23 is still batting over .850.  Love this series.

  14. @Flash923  @PozrDu  –i haven’t been disappointed in any issue per say, its just kinda there. Like i said last time, i feel its a movie thats running about 20 mins too long. It used to be at the top of my stack each week to read, now its usually last. 

  15. Im just glad Aqua Man is getting his own series out of this

  16. Aquaman should have his own monthly. Hopefully; they do it right! Not just a bunch of water adventures I think he needs to branch out. Not all magic based either he needs to regain some respect and kick some serious rear ends!


  17. And the big reveal on the last page is ………..


    (the real one was pretty awesome too.)

  18. ?HUH? What does all of that really mean? I gues I will find out tonight when I get home.


  19. Didn’t see that coming… ST???? Savior of the world???

    Jeff’s got some ‘splanin to do 

  20. I like the twist.

  21. I thought this was really fun. But was there a moment when the sky turned dark that I’ve forgotten? Was it just the cloud panel from a few issues ago?

  22. It’s was a good serie…but Generation Lost was better

  23. I’m a little ‘meh’ on the reveal in this issue, it feels a little rushed.

    But how about that iFanboy ad in the back of all the DC/Vertigo books this week? Maybe that’s why the sites been crashing so often today.

  24. Personally, I’m pretty excited about the reveal. Not that I’ve ever been a huge fan of _____ _____, but it’s such a bamboozle that it just might work. The real reason I like it so much is that no one saw it coming. Which is pretty rare in today’s comics. Anyone who gloats about “calling” this one is chock full o’ shit.

  25. Avatar photo Arrrggghhh (@Arrrggghhh) says:

    Really liked this issue.
    Now I am totally looking forward to seeing how this wraps up and the outcome for the major characters of this series.

  26. @Arrrggghhh: Me too. Those five characters can’t stay elementals. I wonder if they’ll just be restored after Earth is saved, or if it’ll be more complicated than that.  

  27. @Qbert222 Well that’s a given. Generation Lost has been amazing.

  28. well this pulled me back in. Honestly this book had become so boring for me. I really liked the twist and what they are doing with it, and what it might signify. 

    @WheelHands  –yeah exactly! i can’t believe people are bitching about a plot twist in surprise today’s age..especially when it totally works!

  29. BTW….congrats on the iFanboy ad in this issue. That was a pleasant surprise as well. Next Level. 

  30. I have enjoyed most of this series. The reveal was awesome and made me feel like I should have been at least thinking about that possibility.

  31. Hmmm, well, that’s one way to end this whole thing. Not sure it played out “fairly” (if the clues had been placed) to the reader, but whatever. DC has been trying to have 52 happen again, but to no avail. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve bought all of Brightest Day and I have all of the Trinity trades, so I’ve been on board with them, but I hope they’re not going to try another more-than-monthly series any time soon. (And no, I didn’t buy all of Countdown, nor have I bought even one of those trades…I’m not a masochist…)

  32. Avatar photo Arrrggghhh (@Arrrggghhh) says:

    @Wheelhands – Totally agree.  
    They must return to the norm and of course they will be back.  But their shared experience might make for a good grouping for a new team book. (Perhaps the return of JLA: Task Force?)

    Also . . .
    After re-reading this issue, I’m now wondering if this series’ original intension was not just to resurrect fallen characters — but also to bring a certain character back into the mainstream DCU.

  33. Nice Issue. Didn’t expect an Ifanboy ad.

  34. Love this series. I can’t wait to see the end.

  35. Bringing Swamp Thing and holland back was totally left field,and hopefully will get them their own DCU title

  36. @Wheelhands It was still a great twist, but both the Elementals and the pick of who were both speculated as possibilities months ago with the Raging Bullets podcast. With the rumors of this character’s return going for the last year, it’s a theory I kinda hung onto. I still enjoyed it though and for me doesn’t take away from the story.

  37. I have never read a Swamp Thing book, I have read one of those team ups with him. That I am sure are most of the younger readers and plenty of others like me. In my opinion he is not really that important/intresting of a character. This series had some great art work especially this issue and that has really been the highlight for me. I want my favorite characters restored to normal and hopefully they come away from this series without to many problems. The storys have been pretty much written as you go I think just to lead up to the big reveal. I am sorry to say I am glad it is over please bring on Flashpoit!!

  38. This series had way too much potential to be greatness instead it feels like a long boring read.

  39. So many haters here, great series and an awesome issue here. Can’t wait to read the last issue soon!


  41. I’ve enjoyed this whole series, and I enjoyed this issue…but I’m kinda wincing a bit at the big reveal in this issue, only because I’m afraid I’ve waded through 24 issues of building suspense all for a ***** ***** series reboot. I liked the elementals idea, though I hope it’s not permanent or even a long-standing thing. It’ll make for cool action figures, I guess.

  42. Two page spread reveal of the elementals strongly undercut by their almost identical appearance on the cover. Won’t be a problem in the collected version, but it kllled the rhythm of this particular issue.

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