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As the end of BRIGHTEST DAY approaches, our returned heroes and villains begin converging in one area as the ultimate protector reveals itself against the ultimate menace!

Variant covers by IVAN REIS

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  1. So sorry when is the Brightest Day over? It has its good points and then about 80% seems to be filler. I want it over and DC to not do anything like this again; they are using it to death!

  2. I’m still enjoying every issue of this.

    @Flash923 the only story that has seemed like filler to me is the Martian Manhunter.

  3. @Flash923  What exactly do you mean by filler? we were promised stories about all the returning characters and their roles in the DCU and that’s exactly what we’ve gotten.

  4. Filler = Stories about characters

  5. I read this like an anthology.  Some I’m into more than others.  I liked Hawkman/Hawkgirl least, but their last installment totally rocked.

    BTW: You see that Osiris achieved his objective in Titans?

  6. i’m getting excited to see how this thing ends now that we are in the home stretch. I have to say the Firestorm arc has been my least favorite so far…hope it turns around. 

  7. I’ve been on and off of this title, but I think I’m back in for the long hall after the last few awesome issues.

  8. @conor I know you hate the term filler as it is often abused, like here, where they just meant stories they didn’t like. I do believe there is a proper definition of filler: weak stories used to fill in between better stories. A filler story should generally have a non-regular artist and sometimes an entirely different writer as well. Great one shots focusing on character are not filler. Comics where the story has no obvious continuity repercussions (i.e. it will likely never be mentioned again) are NOT filler. Stories that would not have been printed except that the medium demands monthly publication, stories that are below the quality the readership has come to expect… those are filler.

  9. To me this has all thriller, no filler and i’m very happy to pay for it with my scrilla.

    how ever i really wish they hadn’t done what they did to aquaman. he was my favourite

  10. @conor  Filler= boring stories OR wasting pages to get to other more interesting characters. Which this has had a lot of, although some of the character arcs they’ve changed have been nice.

    I want this to be over, it feels like the DC universe is so splintered at the minute, when this whole Blackest Night fallout clusterfuck is over maybe we can get back to some form of readable normality.

  11. @origamikid No, it’s all just stories. Boring stories are boring stories,

  12. I’m really into this book. I never really cared for Firestorm until this series. I find myself wanting to read more of these characters now then I did before. Maybe that’s just Geoff Johns and his ability to make me care about 2nd tier characters. I have loved this series so far.

  13. @origamikid  –if you want it to be over, just top buying it. Its magical that way. 

    @supertrackmonkey  –me too (except for firestorm) i think really that is the point of this series. To give new life to great but forgotten about characters. 

  14. @supertrackmonkey: I let out a small groan when I found out that Firestorm was being resurrected, but I really like how he’s been handled in the story.  I care & am interested in him for the first time.

  15. @edward  same, wish he was still in Sub Diego or something. 

    At the end of that arc, Aquaman just surrounded Black Manta with a school of sharks after he tore off his gear, he couldn’t do a damn thing.  Arthur simply swam away, it was a poignant reminder that he could kill him at any time on a whim, made him look badass.  Wish they just kept him simple and basic, regal and as powerful as he should be in the DCU.

  16. I really hope that Boston just zaps Martian Manhunter in the opening pages and the rest of the series is about firestorm and Boston(who ties to Hawk and Dove’s story). We already know that Manhunter is going to be cremated, so I hope that Johns and Tomasi take care of it fast.

  17. I been really enjoying this but when Hawkman and Hawkgirl were embracing there were decimated because of there refusal to give up there love for each other. After the events of the Aquawar when Aquaman and Mera were embracing Aquaman was decimated. I bet  Jason Rusch will be reunited with Gehenna but one of them will be destroyed. This white ring is a cock blocker

  18. Well, well, well….. It seems I have some people that agree and most others that somewhat disagree?? You take your favorite characters from this and you can’t help but keep buying it so they come back and the others again are still fillers!! Fillers: They try to fill up the book with good stories and then they can’t so they throw a bunch of crap in to make sure there are enough pages. They had a great idea in the begining and are now wing…ing it! I hope Firestorm and Deadman come out of this the way they were originally created. Hawkman and Hawkwoman have been jokes for decades; in and out, new book after new book. They need a great writing team and artist to keep them a float. The lanterns are just getting old; what color is next? I gues I am angry that DC just trys to suck everything they can out of a good idea right away lately. They could not have let this breath for awile? NO! DC and Marvel drive me nuts!! Although their movies have gotten much better!! Marvel just copies everyone!!
          Sorry got carried away…. Good luck to those that love the series me it seems to be only a neccessary evil if you want to see your favorite characters again before they kill them of again.

  19. yo mother had another definition of filler, mate

  20. one mans filler is another mans character development

  21. @drdeeeznutz: As a married man I’ll have to say that most rings are cock blockers.

  22. @PozrDu  Boom! print that bro

  23. Filler: The problem with the proper use of the term “filler” is that it requires the user to know the intent of the publisher. They might publish a single shot in good faith that it would be an awesome quirky take on the character, perfect to slow things down between more action filled arcs… or they might just be pushing paper with leftover stories that were cut from a previous project because they were not so good. I think most of the time the publisher really is acting in good faith to put the best product out that they can, but with deadlines and artist schedules and crossover timing… sometimes they just fill in an issue. We as readers usually pick up on it when it is really happening, but unless we are sitting in the Editor’s office we don’t KNOW. But I find nothing wrong with describing what looks like filler as filler. Maybe it wasn’t, but if they put out a product so bad and out of place that it looks filler, they should hear it.

    That all being said, describing anything in Brightest Day as filler is just silly. Johns and Tomasi have worked hard to script out this whole thing. Maybe they blew the execution at sections, but that doesn’t make those sections filler. Just bad or boring. Filler is the publishing issues that are known to be substandard just because something has to go out.

  24. @PozrDu…haha nice

  25. This issue was almost incomprehensible. Maybe I’ll have to read it again later to see if it makes more sense, but right now this is my least favorite issue of the series so far.

  26. I read this in five minutes. And I was taking my time. Some cool J’onn moments, but mostly forgettable. Not worth $2.99.

  27. @Minion  –seriously dude? it was very straight forward. a quick read yes, but not in any way hard to follow. 

  28. Thought it was great.. /shrug.

  29. Great Martian Manhunter stuff, but is it me or is Ivan Reis getting bored with working on this, that Wonder Girl looked awful.

  30. I wonder how this will read as a big giant trade thing. The issue dilineations will probably evaporate into the ether and it will just be the story tracks switching between each other.

  31. Sorry!! Well then I have been corrected; lets just say 80% of it just sucks hows that?? Oh by the way; getting personal with me there is no need I did not attack you personally nor will I.
    I am sorry Blackest Night was fun and had really great moments then Brightest day started of with some of my favorite characters and then they just went down hill.. Oh well..

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