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The BRIGHTEST DAYS are numbered as this best-selling series heads toward its shocking conclusion, and fans won’t want to miss a single page of the action!

“Aquawar” breaks out with Aquaman, Mera, Aqualad and a surprise guest star facing off against the terrorist forces of Black Manta and Siren to keep the vast waters of the world from sinking the United States!

Variant Covers by IVAN REIS

Price: $2.99
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  1. Sweet cover, looking forward to this “Aquawar.”

  2. @Franktiger  Same here, and that logo is sweet

  3. @RoiVampire  YEA it is.  Will be surprised not to see Ocean Master or King Shark in this, but hope the surprise guest star won’t be Tula.

    Have always been a fan of Aquaman, really liked the Sub Diego storyline, thought they didn’t do enuf with that concept, and they were making him out to be sucha badass up until they did the whole sword & sorcery stuff, didn’t dig that at all.

  4. This is a pretty awesome book.

    Aquawar sounds as threatening as Nerfwar though  

  5. I like how they advertise the $2.99 price on a book that was already set at that price.

    Still looking forward to the book, especially now that hawkpeople-shenanagains seem to be over for a little while

  6. @Myncy – Agreed! Now that the hawks are gone, I can buy this book with a clear conscience.

  7. @CaseyJustice  Something tells me the Hawks will be back in some way before this is over.

  8. The Hawk’s dust was bright white, so I highly doubt they’re dead.

  9. @Myncy  —-yeah thats kinda funny. I hope that isn’t the new norm for DC books, because that is a really unattractive and poorly designed price circle. Sometimes its ok to not use 12 effects on one piece of lettering. 

  10. I’m glad DC finally had the courage to have a cover where someone is farting underwater.

  11. @WadeWilson  —hahaha i love that comment because its “method commenting”

    @edward  —yes AQUAWAR does not sound scary at all. Are supersoakers involved?

  12. @WadeWilson  It does make it hard to light a match.

  13. @WadeWilson  LOL, sweet, he’s about to light it with his weapon there.

  14. No splashing please.

  15. @WadeWilson unfortunately, that’s probably the most interesting thing to have happened in “Brightest Day” so far. 

  16. Seemed a bit too busy. I’m missing the slow pace it had before.

  17. I agree with Boston, doesn’t make any sense right now why the Hawks were disintegrated after they purified their life force; and Aquaman losing his hand again felt old.  Think both the writing and the art in this one were sloppy.

  18. Really? Aquaman loses a hand, again? Come on people!

  19. @Minion  –they have lots of stuff to wrap up with only 5 issues left!

  20. I’ve loved almost everything about this series thus far, but I do get the sense that Johns is just fucking with us lately. Almost like he’s playing god with the DCU.

    As long as Arthur doesn’t grow his hair/beard out and wear that silly shoulder guard I think I can handle this. I’m sure it’s temporary.

  21. I mean it was cool when he had that tangible water for a hand thing before, but going back again to that or something?  Like AquaPimp82 says, C’MON.  Was expecting more from this Aquawar too, but it is only the beginning.

  22. @Wallythegreenmonster Really they don’t have that much to tie up. A lot of what they have started could be finished quite quickly, like we learned with the Hawks.

  23. @Minion  –i disagree..there are 7 issues left, a bunch of storylines and some more setup that needs to happen. I just dont’ want all the resolution to be in one issue crammed together. I’m not convinced the Hawks are finished. 

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