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Hawkman and Hawkgirl pay a visit to the Star Sapphires, but with the Hawks’ connection to the cosmic corps, it looks like this meeting may end in bloodshed. And more even more blood may be drawn as Captain Boomerang hunts down Deadman and Dove!

Variant cover by IVAN REIS & OCLAIR ALBERT

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  1. I’m so not buying this anymore.  No disrespect to the writers are artists, but I don’t give a shit about any of these characters at all!!  I just don’t!!

  2. I thought it was just picking up again. I’m starting to care about the Hawks right as I stop caring about the Martian Manhunter.

  3. I’m starting to care about the overall story more, but i agree with Conner and the guys when i think its caught up in that end of the 2nd arc thing. Things will pick up soon, and we’ll start to see more action and resolutions. Agreed with Minion about Martian Manhunter, but i wonder if its just we’ve already had so much of that story. 

  4. The Aquaman/Mera storyline would be better without the new Aqualad. I actually like just about all of the regular characters — Dove, Deadman, the Hawks, Firestorm, etc. What I’m not overly fond of is the story.

  5. I’m still reading and enjoying it for the most part, but the Hawkman stuff is just terrible

  6. We’re finally getting back to boomerang and dove, awesome

  7. What’s with no cover?

  8. Does anyone if any of the returnees other the Maxwell Lord have achieved the goals set by the White Lantern?

  9. @canuckster  Reverse Flash did. Not sure about anyone else.

  10. @homeboy2000  DC doesn’t always release the BRIGHTEST DAY cover until a few days before it comes out.

  11. So this is Capt. Boomerang’s first appearance in this series, right?  He’s one of the resurrected that I haven’t seen much of.  Granted I don’t read Flash.  I’m curious to see what his deal is.

  12. @zattaric  –i think Boomerang was mentioned earlier…i forget the issue, but when they reveal everyone who had been brought back. I seem to remember seeing a few boomerang panels several issues back.

  13. @zattaric  Capt. Boomerang has mostly been in The Flash since his resurrection, but the most notable appearance in Brightest Day was the White Ring giving the resurrected their missions in Brightest Day #7.

  14. @zattaric They also had Tim Drake visit him in prison but nothing much happened. (Captain Boomerang died killing Tim’s dad.)

  15. Always partial to Hawkman/girl, but best cover yet I think.

  16. I always try to pick up Deadman-centric issues, as that’s the only plot I care about. I’ve also learned not to trust the solicits or covers when trying to determine which story will be featured in any given issue.

  17. I feel sort of habitual in reading it, like I’m going to the gym because I know it might wield results but only walking really slowly on the treadmill.
    @minion: where did the confrontation between Boomerang & Tim Drake take place? I’d completely forgotten that he killed his father.  

  18. Umm….. What just happened?

    @BootsMcGillicutty I think it was issue 15 but its only like a page.

  19. @BootsMcGillicutty Its actually the first page of 15 and the last page of 16.

  20. Quite good. Things are happening. Could have used a bit more this issue, but I’ll take it. I am unsure as to why “Classic” costume Captain Cold was here and not “Modern” Capt. (Admittedly, they’re extremely similar but one is a costume, another is a parka.)

  21. Bought this. Only book this week. Really don’t care for the Hawkman storyline, but overall I really like this book. We’ll see if it changes my mind on the Hawkman arc.

  22. This issue was very OK. I feel like they are really milking this thing along and taking baby steps each issue. I’m enjoying the overall story, but i haven’t been wow’ed by a single issue of BD in a while. Seems like we should be getting into that 3rd act soon, so i really want to see things pick up. 

  23. Colorist went a little bit pink crazy. I get it. They use a lot of ‘violet’ light. Did not help the Hawk art at all.

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