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The hottest series in comics blazes on as the legacy of the new Aqualad is forged and the extent of his powers is revealed!

Plus, Aquagirl joins the battle, and Firestorm seeks out the Justice League’s help!

Variant cover by IVAN REIS

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  1. YES! Been waiting for more Firestorm!

  2. that’s an amazing cover. Can’t wait for the actual issue

  3. Never trust the solicits/covers of this series. They lie. That said I’m sure I’ll still keep enjoying it.

  4. 16 issues in…will Firestorm actually DO SOMETHING? Destroy the universe or go away already. geez. haha

    This should be a fun issue.  @Minion –there is a very good chance Firestorm won’t be in it at all if we follow past history. lol

  5. Firestorm is easily my least favorite part of this book.

  6. This is literally the same blurb from the last issue that had nothing to do with Aqualad.

  7. I’ve stopped buying these in issues since #15 was the last one in trade #2. I will switch to trades. This issue looks dumb cause it’s Firestorm.

  8. Firestorm is a thousand times cooler than Hawkman.

  9. Didn’t even read last issue yet.  That’s usually how I do it with BD.  Let like three or four issues stack up and then catch up.  It reads so much better that way for some reason!!

  10. I think Firestorm’s story is the most interesting one.

  11. @skeets  Same here. Well him and Deadman are tied for me I think

  12. Last issue was pretty rough. I’m hoping we get back on track with this one. I’ll take a Firestorm isse but I really want an Aquafolks issue.

  13. @onasunday- There is no way firestorm is cooler than hawkman. Hawkman hooks up with a hot chick and beats ppl up, Firestorm ‘s only redeeming quality is if he farts, he can blowup the world.

  14. I loved Firestorm as a kid.  I dint understand the character at all and actually read very few stories with him, but puffy sleeves AND flame hair…come on, what eight year old could resist? Firestorm FTW!

  15. Oh cool, a Gary Frank Cover!

  16. Why is it that Black Manta’s son is called Aqualad?  Would think he’d be called Manta-boy or something.

  17. Hawkman is better in that he actually kicks butt, whereas Firestorm just argues with himself. 

  18. In the context of this book, the Hawkman story is, in my opinion, the stinker. I don’t like it and I don’t really care what happens. That being said, I am a pretty big Hawkman fan, and as a character I like him more than Firestorm. If Hawkman is a B-lister, then Firestorm is a C- or D-lister. But, in this book, the Firestorm story is WAY better than the Hawkman one. I’ve started to like it just below the Aquaman and JJ stories, which are my favorites. If Johns and Tomasi can make me care about the Hawks, I’ll be impressed.

  19. This was more like it. The Firestorm stuff is OK, but I’m loving the Aqualad story. Not only is it the most interesting to me, but it’s also the nicest looking arc.

    I am confused about his costume though. I like the design, but why does it have an Aquaman “A” on the belt? If it’s a Xebel soldier’s uniform, he’s Xebelian, and Mera left him the chest when she was younger, why would it have an Aquaman symbol on it? A nitpick I know, but it baffles me. Couldn’t they have just added that later?

    Anyfart, good issue. It featured two of the stronger plotlines, and did a lot to further them both along. Lookin forward to #17. 

  20. This was a fun issue. Finally some things got resolved and some explaination happened rather than just a series of events where no one stops to talk between fight scenes.

  21. yay he did something! lol 

    got another fix of another solid issue.

  22. I really enjoyed the focus on the Aquaman and Firestorm storylines this issue.  The artwork on the last couple pages, especially the coloring was just spectacular.  Definitely still psyched for the next issue!

  23. I just love love love Deathstorm

  24. @RoiVampire —i actually like Deathstorm MORE than Firestorm. 

  25. @wallythegreenmonster  Deathstorm for president!

  26. This was great. The last two have been particularly great, but this knocked it out of the park.

  27. Loving this series (apart from last issue). This is one of the only times I’ve ever read an Aquaman story that didn’t seem … what’s a word I’m allowed to use here … “jaunty”? “Fancy”? “Fabulous”? “Effervescent?”

    PS- Love Deathstorm too … dude. The art on his sections are SICKNESS. 

  28. The art on Aquaman is gorgeous. This series is finally on a roll now.

  29. Reis’s art has really hit it’s stride this issue, and when it comes down to it, Arthur Curry’s story is a powerful one, glad John’s was able to convey that, and peeps tend to underestimate Aquaman’s powers, was good how that was portrayed as well.

    The Deathstorm art continues to blow my mind, wow.

  30. One of my favorite issues of the series. my only gripe was the opening of the chest.  felt that single page mini origin was slightly lack luster and confusing. 
    …but thats just me

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