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Don’t miss the hottest event in comics as the biweekly BRIGHTEST DAY continues with the return of the Black Lanterns! Has time run out for our resurrected heroes? Plus, you must not miss the stunning origin of the new Aqualad, the battle between Aquaman and Black Manta, and the bizarre journey of Jason Rusch and Ronnie Raymond as they delve into the inner workings of the Firestorm matrix and uncover its secret!

Variant covers by IVAN REIS

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  1. A light DC week for me, but I’m really looking forward to the titles I am getting.

  2. Ok, drop attempt number 2. Let’s see how long I can stay out before they pull me back in.

  3. Please less Firestorm? That’s my least favorite story and the art is awful.

  4. I’ve always thought Firestorm had a really nice design, but never read him.  So, I’m appreciating the opportunity to get to know the character without having to buy a "Firestorm" book. 

  5. @mike  I feel the exact opposite, the art on Firstorm is my second favorite next to the art in the aquaman story

  6. Yup, the aquaman art is fantastic. There’s something very romantic (and not in the man/woman sense) about aquaman set against wonderful shore lines and ocean cliffs 

  7. @edward Agreed.

  8. Firestorm? Deathstorm all the way!


  9. Thought the Deathstorm art was incredible.  Will probably see more of J’onzz and the Hawkworld story is my prediction.

  10. Yes no more Firestorm please, unfortunately it appears that Johns wants to make him one of the most important characters in the DCU. 

  11. @Franktiger I thought the Deathstorm art was awesome too. At first, I could have given a crap about the Firestorm story. They’ve piqued my interest, though, and I like it a lot now. It’s getting interesting. I am not so much into the Hawks, which is ironic because I am a big Hawkman fan.

    The last issue was awesome all around – good Aquaman action, Deathstorm, etc. More JJ please…

  12. I liked the Deathstorm art, but i didn’t care for all the smoke and flame photoshop effects (from the colorist?). It was a bit overkill…..too much sugar in the dessert y’now?

  13. @kennyg – yea, huge Hawkman fan too, but didn’t like the whole Nth metal being imported to Thanagar stuff, thought Nth metal came from only Thanagar, that was cooler to me, and the whole trying to break the curse stuff is ok, there is sorta a sad desperation to being tied and trying to break that curse in the name of love, one might be able to relate to that.

    Was disappointed with the Aquaman/Black Manta fight, didn’t make sense to me BM’s eye beams didn’t seem to hurt Aquaman, but a little pee-sticker broke his skin, and he fled in a truck sorta like a coward IMO.

    Looking forward to Martian confronting what peeps think was his girl back on Mars, they gonna kiss or fight?

  14. @Franktiger  Aquaman’s vulnerability is based on how recently he’s been in contact with water if i remember correctly. The longer he’s out of water the more vulnerable he is

  15. @RoiV – hear ya, but c’mon, Aquaman is one of the foremost iconic superheroes in the DCU in my book, would’ve accepted those eye beams doing some damage, but the Aquaman I know, no matter how long out of water, woulda slapped that little mini harpoon away and bitched slapped Black Manta, putting him in his place like he’s always.  Just overall seemed too underpowered to me, but guess maybe not to those who may not be sucha Aquaman fan like me.

    A little more about Hawkman, just imagine the feeling of having your destiny predetermined, knowing that the most powerful emotion one could have for another was the very thing that would lead to both of your demise, but continuing on with it because your life would have no meaning otherwise, not willing to sacrifice time spent together despite having the knowledge that no matter what you do, it is fated to all come to a premature end.  Pretty crazy, that’s why Hawkman as a character intrigues me so much.

  16. handI haven’t enjoyed Aquaman this much since when Peter David wrote him. The recent fights involving him and Black Manta have been a hell of alotta fun, and I’m interested to see where the new Aqualad goes from here.

    I’ve also been loving the Gleason art in the Martian Manhunter story, it’s neck and neck with Reis’ Aquaman art.

  17. @Franktiger: I see what you’re saying about Aquaman’s vulnerability. I thought that was a little fishy too (intended). But he wasn’t exactly "fleeing like a coward". Innocent lives were at stake, and he had to get them out of harm’s way. That battle could’ve gone on indefinitely, and Siren might’ve called for backup. Plus he had to find out what was in that chest. Also, c’mon man, Aquaman itchin a ride with a truck driver? Hilarious!

    Diggin this big time lately. For those bemoaning all the Firestorm; the covers of this series rarely reflect the characters spolighted within. Also, shut up. Firestorm has never been this cool.

  18. Awesome. For me, this outshines the last issue by a mile. But that has mostly to do with the fact that it’s heavy on the J’onn J’onnz. I’m a little biased. 

    Gleason knocks this one out of the park. All that melding and shifting? Truly scary stuff. I guess a bunch of us were wrong on the "Mrs. J’onnz" theory. Though I was sure Didio all but spoiled it at the DC Nation panel. I like this better actually. It gives J’onn a lethal new villain without destroying the memory of his wife.

    The Firestorm thread was so-so. Not much development. I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess that the voice speaking to Deathstorm is Scar. Looking forward to Boston getting it on with Dove. The guy’s been dead for a long time. He deserves some tail (pun intended). I do feel like his characterization has slipped a bit since his return. All this pressure is slowly removing the humorous side of his personality.

    How bout that ending? I knew it was a fake out but that was seriously, seriously heartbreaking. Poor bastard. I wanna say he should’ve known better but who knows what kind of effect that experience would have on someone.

    Lookin forward to #13.  

  19. I’m almost certain I’ve read in the comics in the past that Aquaman is extremely tough and strong due to the deep ocean pressure he’s been in for so long. I think I even recall bullets bouncing off his skin, although who can remember what’s been ret-conned out by now. What I’m getting at is I kind of agree with Franktiger – if the beams didn’t hurt him, the little dart should have bounced off too. Reminds me of the old George Reeves Superman show, where "bullets" would bounce off him, but when the bad guy threw the empty gun Superman would duck it.

    I didn’t think Aquaman fled like a coward, I agree with WheelHands on that.

  20. @wally: I’ve always like Firestorm so no complaints here. I find it interesting that his Black Lantern persona still exist. I’d love a FS book with Jason and Ronnie. The only part of Brightest Day I don’t like is the Hawkworld stuff. I never liked Hawkman/Hawkgirl. I find there powers a little weak and the history of the character is so screwed up no one can get it straight. That said, Johns seems to be doing an ok job cleaning Hawkman/girl up. Maybe he can do for Firestorm, Aquaman, and Hawkman what he did for GL and Flash. Haven’t been a big fan of the MM stuff either but his story was really good in this issue.

  21. The art on this series continues to impress & I like the story, but man, do you guys reckon the first few pages were wordy enough? O_O I wanted J’onn to kill that female Martian, just so she’d shut up!

  22. @JesTr – Hawkman/girl are more like super-warriors than super-heroes, and the essence of their story is that they are like warrior king and queen who are fated to love each other, destined to be killed together, only to be resurrected to continue the cycle.  Their history is interesting to me, because they are always resurrected as something different, but along the same lines as what they were before, i.e. king and queen of somewhere, and that they always manage to get their hands on this Nth metal from Thanagar, which bestows upon them wings of flight and metahuman powers, like they are the chosen ones to utilize this metal for noble purposes, only to be tragically killed together ultimately….the BD story involving them is intriguing because it is them trying to break this cycle, just don’t like this Hawkworld concept all too much either.

    Gleason continues to elevate himself as one of the top DCU artists, top 3 in my book; first noticed him on his Aquaman run during the Sub-Diego storyline (which btw was a subplot much like Shadowland is that was misused and mishandled IMO).

  23. @jesTR—i’m still waiting for Firestorm to do something besides argue with himself. I mean this issue, started flying…..and did nothing. Its a really big lead in for this character. We’ll see…

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