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Don’t miss the hottest event in comics as the biweekly BRIGHTEST DAY continues with the return of the Black Lanterns! Has time run out for our resurrected heroes? Plus, you must not miss the stunning origin of the new Aqualad, the battle between Aquaman and Black Manta, and the bizarre journey of Jason Rusch and Ronnie Raymond as they delve into the inner workings of the Firestorm matrix and uncover its secret!

Variant covers by IVAN REIS

Price: $2.99
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  1. the last page of the last issue got me more jazzed than almost anything in the book so far. most anticipated book of the week for me

  2. Love the black and white cover. Really looking forward to this.

  3. I dropped this at issue #9, now it is starting to actually look somewhat interesting!!  WTF, I guess I’ll have to get caught back up now?

  4. Is Vibe going to be in this? Otherwise, I dunno.

  5. I’ve been Enjoying this. I especially like Aquaman in this, I hope he gets his own series again.

  6. After a brief respite, Brightest Day carries on. Plus, Black Lanterns!

  7. yeah, this is fantastic. i can’t wait to see some aquaman action. That dude’s friiggen awesome. he has beautiful golden hair 

  8. @ed It especially looks good when it’s flowing in the wind. I wouldn’t say no.

  9. Started out with issue #0, dropped it at 2, picked it up again with 8 and haven’t looked back. This book is just big superhero fun. Period.

  10. I hope nothing important happened in #10 because I don’t have that issue!

  11. @roddydzwonar: dude, no jokes but issue 10 was pretty good. Some awesome Black Manta scenes 

  12. This book is really catching steam!

  13. I was expecting an actual fight after that Fury of Firestorm page but it just turned into a chase. Don’t get me wrong this was completely AWESOME but I want to see a real firestorm fight. Seeing as I’ve never seen him fight before.

  14. Yeah I was hoping to see a fight too and it just didn’t appear.

  15. Good issue. Lot’s of aquaman action and the black lanterns were awesome.

    Say, I got a variant cover of Aquaman vs Black Manta, but it costed me the same as the regular issue. I thought those variants were more expensive?

  16. @Cedric they typically are.  You got lucky:)

  17. @Cedric Trade ya.

  18. @vadamowens and Minion: Maybe it is because I live in a country, Belgium, where american comics aren’t such a cultural phenomenon. So it could be my retailer just doesn’t care about the rareness of variants covers, so long as someone buys it.

  19. hm.  I’ve loved most about this book, but this return of black lanterns better not be lame

  20. I think I’m alone here. But the art is really losing it for me. Too many pencilers and inkers. The end of the book felt like it was a back up.

  21. @Cedric: My retailer, in America, is the same way. Variants are racked with the regular covers and sold at the same price.

  22. @Conor: Ah ok, so it just depends on the retailer if variants are sold at a higher price.

  23. Not a huge fan of the whole Deathstorm "DUDE, BRO, RADICAL!" thing, but that’s not a massive deal, this book getting better after a bit of a slow start. It’ll be interesting to see what comes out of it.

  24. @cedric The rareness of some covers raises the price and that’s what retailers try to use.  Some retailers have an entire box or area full of nothing but variants…and that is where they stay gathering dust.

  25. Solid "middle issue" lots of story building happening. The black lanterns really need to be good or else i’ll be disappointed. I think i like Deathstorm better than Firestorm. I’m really nervous that Johns is making Firestorm into a major DCU character because i really don’t like him and his floaty faces at all.  


    On the retailer Variant thing…my LCS is really good, but they are jerks with that kinda stuff. They charge $10-15 for new variants and have a long box full of recent unpurchased ones. They also mark up back issues more than 4 months old by a dollar. Good for new stuff, but i go a few blocks down the road to find back issues. 

  26. man, i hate firestorm 

  27. The art on the Deathstorm segments blew me away, thought the fight between Aquaman and Black Manta sucked.  A pee sticker shouldn’t be able to penetrate Aquaman’s skin, and he looked cowardly to me fleeing in that truck.

  28. Firestorm is my jam son. I hope all of this leads to at least a Firestorm mini written by Johns

  29. @roivampire–its interesting how polarizing Firestorm is…seems like you either love him or you hate him. Just curious…what do you find so great about the character? 

  30. @Wally    I’ve always been intrigued by the dual personalities in one character. Two guys forced to work together. I guess i see firestorm as a buddy cop movie written by Reed Richards. Two guys who don’t really get along but are forced to work through their differences to become a hero and do crazy stuff with science

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