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The resurrected have discovered their purpose for being back, but where will the knowledge lead them? Who is the new Aqualad? And what strange event is taking place around the White Power Battery in New Mexico?

Variant covers by IVAN REIS

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iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 17.2%
Avg Rating: 4.2
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  1. Love this cover.  Been waiting for this.

  2. This is a great cover. Finch’s painted work is just astonishing

  3. Loving the book as a whole but where’s Firestorm?

  4. This book is definitely starting to pick up steam. Can’t wait to see what happens next. 🙂

  5. I have a lotta trouble with this title. I love certain stories, but am bored to tears by others. Excited, regardless, about this one.

  6. Seeing as Deadman and Aqualad are on the cover, this issue is probably about Firestorm lol

  7. Can’t believe I didn’t see that the new Aqualad was going to be Black Manta’s kid.  So obvious now.

  8. Wanna see what happens when J’onn finally confronts who everyone thinks was his girl back on Mars, they gonna kiss or fight?

  9. so Black manta was actually black? 

  10. Great cover, but does it have anything to do with the story?

  11. I’m calling it now – Aquaman’s (step)parents are dead.

  12. @edward Yes

  13. Huh 

  14. @Edward it’s DC most of the Black characters are Black something!

  15. that is true. The people of the DCU are much more comfortable placing labels

  16. nice

  17. A ton of awesome stuff happened this week.

    Spoiler… So is Mera the kid’s mother?

  18. im a DC fan but instead of getting better going from Blackes Nught to Brightest day they stall in story quality….

  19. I didn’t pick up BD this week cuz I was so put off by the last issue.  Did I miss anything good?  Should I return to my LCS and get a copy?  Maybe I just need to read all of Brightest Day again from the beginning?  Sometimes that can help me get back into a series…

  20. @robby  if your interested in the Aquaman story or the Firestorm story this issue is just those and it gives an answer as to what the hells been going on with firestorm lately

  21. Awesome issue. best this book has been since #7. 4/5

    @minion Wasn’t spelt out last issue that it was Mera’s sister?

    @robby Pick it up! 

  22. Best last page of the week

    "This is gonna be so boss."

    I love the way Johns is writing black lantern firestorm. For some reason that last page just made me wanna listen to Faith No More. 

  23. This was my least favorite issue so far. while there were some cool moments, Aquaman catching the bolt, and what’s gonna happen next, Aquaman vs Black Manta ahould be awesome, the whole you’re-not-my-son-youre-something-differnt story with the new Aqualad was just to cliche and felt forced. i was excited too, i thought we were gonna get some cool things going on with the Aqua family, but not really yet.

    though the firestorm concept is cool! 

  24. @PraxJarvin I knew the woman was Mera’s sister. I’m talking about the new Aqualad. Mera was the one to drop him off so I’m wondering if she was his mother.

  25. Really liked this one. I’m loving Aquaman more than I ever have before. Him catching the bolt was badass. Brilliantly paced. Johns excels at panel-to-panel/page-to-page transitions. I’m digging Aqualad so far. I appreciate that Johns told us it was Manta’s son early on so that the reveal didn’t fall flat like it would have later down the line. He repects his readers’ intelligence.

    This issue also looked fantastic. The art team is killing it on this series for the most part. Bring on #11!

  26. I have to agree with all the other positive comments on this book. This is fantastic, the art, the story and all that are fantastic. This is as good as 52. I hope an Aquaman book comes out of all this.

  27. @Minion Yes, my point was, wasn’t it spelt out last issue that Mera’s sister was the mother?

  28. @PraxJarvin No, they are always careful to say "Your son" or "His son" when mentioning the kid. They’ve never been clear on the mother.

  29. Awesome stuff. My POTW. (huge honor, I know)

  30. I’m in my third decade of reading comics so all the icons of both DC and Marvel mean something more to me than what most newer readers might draw from them. I understand criticisms and unrequited allegiances, like when Ron says he just doesn’t have that Superman thing, but it doesn’t shake the ties I have with those iconic characters because good writers and artists can flood me with the same wonder and exhilaration I felt in the gas stations and pharmacies where I first found my comics. In those early days the look of a character or battle scenes caught my attention before maturing to understand complex stories could fit between the images as well. Despite those complexities I liked the days when good was good and bad was very bad. Before anti-heroes and places like Shadowland. Back when a hero could have conflict without retconning or some cause for acceptable murder. When villains might be motivated by the greater vices of greed and lust rather than the  sympathetic enabler of an unjust upbringing. And when these two forces met great tingles would surge through me and I cheered and rallied for my good guy. It is Geoff Johns who revived this sensation in me first through Blackest Night and now in Brightest Day and this time he did it in two words. Two words! "Aquaman." "Manta." BRING. IT. ON!

  31. It is still a bit unclear who is Aqualad’s mother, thought first it was Mera, how scandalous would that be, but I think it’s Siren, as evidenced by when Black Manta says, "You made him like you," but by itself doesn’t absolutely indicate she is the mother.

    I as well hope for an excellent fight scene between Aquaman and Black Manta next issue, one of the quintessential arch-rivals in DCU lore; it’s like Superman/Lex, Batman/Joker, Wonder Woman/Cheetah, Green Lantern/Sinestro, what more can we ask for?

  32. Next issue will be Firestorm and the hawks or hawk and dove. At least that is how it seems.

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