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  1. Righto!

  2. So this is a Booster Gold story, doing things that Booster Gold normally does, done by the regular Booster Gold team? And it’s not an issue of Booster Gold why?

  3. Perhaps it was a regular Booster Gold story that got bumped for editorial reasons, so it got shunted into an out-of-continuity book…?

  4. Who cares? It’s essentially 2 Booster Gold books in one month!

  5. Wish more booster fans would get this because this looks really good but i think a lot of people will miss it

  6. The more Booster the better!!!

  7. jesus christ! this was terrible. can i give it negative stars?

  8. @edward….I will now go back in time and smother you in your crib

  9. I don’t remember Magog having a Booster Gold tattoo…  It’s pretty bad ass.

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