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  1. Feels like it’s been a while since we’ve seen one of these.  More tendinitis for George?

     Or, has it not been long at all and I’m just crazy…

  2. Ah, this series is a delight. The mystery of Magistus continues from previous issues but I imagine this issue is entirely accessible to new readers. Master creators Mark Waid and George Perez certainly provide plenty of recap information.

    The story spans three ers – the Challengers of the Unknown are still investigating the Book of Destiny, which contains past adventures of Superman & the Silent Knight, and Aquaman & the original Teen Titans. Both the sub stories are related to the Magistus business and both are delights.

    The Superman team-up is a straightforward bit of business, with a totally Silver Age twist, while the Titans tale features the best Aqualad appearance for years. I should probably provide more details but dang it, I want you to experience this wonderfully crafted book yourslef, and enjoy its sweet surprises. Try it!

  3. It doesn’t feel like too much of a delay between issues for me. I’m always chomping at the bit for the next issue so having to wait any amount of time sucks. This books exceeds my expectations and continues to surprise me with how much fun it is.

  4. Great issue!  Loved the Green Arrow /Wonder Woman earring feud!  Issue 9 was just a bit too wordy, took a long time to get through, but 10 was really great.  I’m enjoying this series a lot.

  5. I’m enjoying this a bit more than I did the first batch of issues.  I love Georges art, its so detailed.  The ending was a bit of a WTF moment, but I guess we’ll find out next month.  Speaking of next month, it looks GOOD! 


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