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  1. Sniejnerg? On a bprd book? Awesome!

  2. I’ve fallen a bit behind in my B.P.R.D. reading (still need to read all of 1947 + Abe Sapien one shot) but am definitely looking forward to this issue.

  3. Pretty but way too fast

  4. I officially wouldn’t mind a bimonthly BPRD book…one drawn by Guy, the other by Snejbjerg.

  5. I’m not used to seeing that much detail in a BPRD book.

  6. This was really, really, really good. I’m completely torn between this and Daytripper for POW. 

  7. Nice artwork, but it really felt like a side feature, or back-up story.  If this is the new standard, then I’m gone. 

  8. @Jonesy, the "war on frogs" issues have all been one shots featuring different artists. The stories take place a few minis back, and so theyve all felt like side features- because, well, they are. Also, this is the last one, so you should stick around.

  9. I’ll stick around.  I just prefer stories that are more "dense" than this.  I walked away from this feeling like there could have been a lot more lore, or additional dialogue. 

  10. @Jonesy- yeah cause next its, the surely to be epic storyline, KING OF FEAR. And Guy Davis is back!

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