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  1. BPRD is actually easier to read in trades and I feel that it’s supposed to be but it’s still fun to read it issue by issue

  2. @thefragilenin I’m going to take a look at this book and maybe by the rest of the story arc if it looks decent.  I went to the Hellboy II movie and it has gotten me interested in the characters.  Any advice, do you need to know a lot of back story to enjoy…if so what’s a good jumping on point?

  3. @slysally

    it’s about half way through with this arc which is a continuation from the sometime earlier this year so you’ll probably be very very confused. I would think that a good jumping on point might be around the third trade I think. I wouldn’t bother with this arc until you read the last arc that deals with this arc which is a trade now called, 

    "killing ground"

     there was an arc between "killing ground" and this called "1946" which is basically hellboy’s dad’s adventure in 1946 dealing with Nazi Vampire Army, really good. I hope this helps but really it’d be better to just wait for this in trade and start catching up on the story through BPRD trades and Hellboy trades.

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