A B.P.R.D. agent teams with a psychic crust-punk to combat giant bat-faced monsters as all hell breaks lose!

* From the pages of Hellboy!

* Giant bat monsters attack Texas!

* It’s all going to hell in 2012!

“2011 was definitely Tyler Crook’s year. We’d say that he’s another Mignola in the making.”—MTV Geek

Writer: Mike Mignola & John Arcudi
Artist: Tyler Crook
Colorist: Dave Stewart
Cover Artist: Duncan Fegredo

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Avg Rating: 4.2
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  1. No comments yet, so I have to give the BPRD some love. These Fegredo covers make me wish Duncan would do interiors on another book, I don’t care if we only got 4 issues a year, it’d be worth the wait. Tyler Crook is so awesome, every page is a delight. His work is so deceptively simple, not a single line is wasted, or frivolous. He is a worthy inheiritor of the BPRD throne abdicated by Guy Davis.

  2. Agreed! I know Crook took some warming up to for some folks, but I think he’s a great replacement for Guy and I was in his corner immediately. Fegredo is working on the next Hellboy OGN (The Dark Circus I believe it’s called? Hardcover treatment, baby!) Love his work and his signature brushes. I was expecting to see some negative comments on the “boringness” of this story, but I personally am loving it. It feels like a little bit of a (anti) buddy road flick, featuring two characters we have no reason to love yet. BPRD is like no other book out there, and it along with Hellboy have been my favorite comics since they began.

  3. well, i’ll be the first: the devil’s engine sucks. starring, basically, the 2 least interesting characters in the mignolaverse. really surprised that this has as high of a rating as it does. the art’s ok. nothing to write home about. wish i just would have skipped this 3 part series. perhaps august will bring better bprd stories.
    2stars outa 5.

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