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  1. I was hoping this was going to be a good jumping on point for BPRD but it looks like I might need to grab some previous collections.

  2. I was gonna ask if anyone thought this was going to be a good jumping on point. Any help?

  3. Hard to say. I think they are good about referencing need-to-know info as the story goes on, but this is definitely building on previous Hellboy/B.P.R.D. stories That said, given the quality of these books, I’d say it’s worth a shot (and if not, DEFINITELY get on the trades).

  4. I’ll be grabbing it. If I need to get the other books then I’ll just add them to my birthday list. And then just go out and buy them myself because my birthday isn’t until June.

  5. yeah get the trades, this series is right after the previous one and build upon that one. It’s the second in three arcs that are supossed to bring a big change to BPRD, that’s what they’ve been advertising at least

  6. How very DC/Marvel pf them.

  7. great cover!!

  8. I would say good series, bad jumping on point. I really wish they made this a plain old BPRD run instead of a bunch of limited series’ and one shots because if you are clueless of when each instalment was released, you’ll have a tough time following the story in order.

  9. I started with The Warning, which was the last mini-series and I’m following just fine.

  10. I’ve been reading Hellboy/BPRD for years, and I can see where it may get daunting to jump on at any point.  Best investment I’ve made recently is the prose book:

     Hellboy: The Companion

    Basically a complete rundown of all events and characters up to ‘Wild Hunt’.  Gave me a lot of insight that I hadn’t realized I was missing.  If you are longtime reader or just starting out with the Hellboy/BPRD universe, it’s worth the buy.

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