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BPRD 1947 #5 (OF 5)

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  1. The only thing I can remember from the previous issue is the pancakes and that I liked it.  I can’t help but notice a sword featured prominently on the cover.  Do you remember what happened the last time a sword featured prominently on the cover of a Hellboy Universe book?  I’m excited.

  2. I’m re-reading the first issues of this and the wild hunt tonight.

  3. @rockingeek – I wish I had time to do that.  The Hellboy Universe has been rocking of late.

  4. My stupid comic shop stopped ordering this one after the first issue. 🙁 

  5. This is a cool vampite story. Have been enjoying it lots. But I am glad the nightmare is over.

  6. @rockingeek – Good idea, I may try to do that, as well. I agree with the general sentiment that 2009 has been a great year for the Hellboy Universe…so glad I jumped back on to the single issues.

  7. Yeah, I read the 7 issues of wild hunt and the first 3 1947 last night and issue #4 this morning inbetween walking my little girl to school and work. Reading this in pretty much one sitting was a great experience.

  8. I only bought this for the art, but the story has really impressed me. I might just have to add BPRD to the pull list. Now to play catch up…

  9. Cool mini, but this was very thin story wise(the ritual takes the whole issue), but still, cool mini… And now Davis’s back in two month and I can’t fucking wait!

  10. @rockingeek – I loved the ritual.  I liked the way they showed it from both sides.  It was very well done.

    That was a fun arc. 

  11. Don’t get me wrong, I really loved it and the ritual was beautiful, but a bit to long in my opinion. I found that they left the great characters of Anders and Stegner too much "on the side". Ota is intreging and really, really interesting, but I think they could have mixed it up a little more by cutting on the ritual. The first 4 issues were so much about the new agents(Anders as become a favorite of mine, lost a sea, and now cursed, characters grab me. i hope he shows up in 1948????).

  12. I want a Kid Hellboy story and I don’t care if it’s a one-shot.

  13. @rockingeek – I get what you’re saying.  I like the new agents as well.  I hope we see more of them.

  14. *edit previous post*

    Ota is intriguing…

  15. This is my first foray into the Hellboy Universe, and I’ve got to say, despite being a bit confused about most of it almost all of the way through, I think it’s hooked me. The art is beautiful, and although I didn’t understand all of it, the themes they’re playing with and the universe they’ve created are enough to get me to check out whatever happens from here on out. 5/5.

  16. @kwisdumb – I’m glad you enjoyed it.  You should pick up a few of the older Hellboy trades next.  Your local library probably has a few of them.  Or you could just grab the next arc and jump in.  There is some continuity, but it isn’t overwhelming.  Enjoy.

  17. @kwisdumb- Very glad you liked it and I hope you’ll continue reading it, cause its a really cool, but complex, Universe with a lot of intelligent magic.

    What didn’t you understand, If I may ask?

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