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BOYS #37

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  1. No info on this one??

  2. its the frenchmans origin story

  3. Thanks, sounds interesting.

    Just hope that there isn’t all in a different language, Ennis likes to have him actually speak in French.

  4. @misterj you could probably google most it.  For the most part, the French is pretty much 101 material.

  5. @vadamowens-so far I totally agree.  But I have a slight concern with a Frenchie-centric issue where it could be more conversational.

    I am sure that my concerns are unfounded, though.

  6. @misterj It would be great if they do an all french issue where you don’t need to understand a word they say and get the story across anyway. Lika a silent issue, with words.

  7. @Bendrix-That is a good idea.  Possible addition; have the main character not understand the language around him either.  Would give the audience some grounding in the situation and decrease our sense of alienation while simultaneously making us feel how the character is alienated.  Could be really good.

  8. @MisterJ Great addition. Wonder if something like that ever has been done for a whole issue. There was something along the lines at the end of Chew #4.

  9. Mad cunt! I fuckin’love Garth Ennis… of course Darrick too. My fuckin’pick of the weak! Fuck yeah, WEAK!!

  10. This was fun, not as heart wrenching as Mother Milk’s origin story, but still fun and a little sad. Poor Frenchie.

  11. i looked up the title of this issue and it was, as translated from French, "the pen of my aunt is on the table"…is that right? any french speakers here?

  12. So glad Darrick was on for this one.  Completely off the wall ideas drawn beautifully.

  13. @mike- Yeah, thats exactly it.

  14. That was fucking sweet and hilarious, especially the different sex scenes with Frenchie and his love.

  15. @rockingeek…but what does that even mean?

  16. @mike- its an expression used to mean stilted, the textbook-derived speaking/writing of a foreign language and its also use in "second language" french classes, but I don’t know, I’m French so I never had to use this phrase in my life. Next time Google it, it’ll be faster. I think its like "John and Mary go to school" for us french Canadian????

  17. this adds to my theory that they boys are not exactly who they say they are. i mean hughie didnt even buy that crazy ass story and found it odd that everyones just popin out and telling there story. cant wait until to see what ennis is planing as the big oh shit moment

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